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Midway Movie Mania

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

What a surprise! With no prior announcement, Disney California Adventure today held a preview of a new limited-time attraction — an overlay of Toy Story Midway Mania featuring Marvel theatrical films!

Marvel Midway Mania

Guests boarded the attraction vehicles as usual, but instead of playing the usual game they were whisked away for a private showing of a popular Marvel feature film in glorious, high-quality 3D!

Given that this is an entirely new concept for the park, there were both positive and negative aspects of the attraction.


  • You get to see four full-length Marvel films (after the first finishes, you are whisked to a different screen to see another).
  • Films are randomly chosen, so it’s a big surprise!
  • Some films let you use the attraction vehicle’s gun to, for example, shoot cream pies at the Red Skull!
  • Free (virtual) popcorn!


  • Because the movies are randomly chosen, if you have bad luck, you might end up seeing films in the wrong order (e.g., Iron Man 3 before Iron Man 2) or the same movie more than once (e.g., The Hulk four times in a row).
  • It’s rather a long time to go without access for a restroom.
  • Lines for the attraction were lengthy (estimated weight times were generally in the 45 to 60 hour range).

Midway Mania Update

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

DCA’s Toy Story Midway Mania attraction was designed so that its games could be updated as times changed or to celebrate certain holidays (such as February 14th’s heart-shaped targets in the attraction’s opening sequence, and the green army men’s stirring recreation of the 1944 Normandy invasion last Memorial Day). That system is really going to be put to the test come June 18, when the entire contents of the attraction will be replaced by the new film Toy Story 3!

Said Paula M. Poster (an honest-to-goodness, official, board-certified, Disney Imagineer who operates out of the trunk of a rusty Ford Pinto on Katella Avenue), “They’re just going to run the whole movie — in 3D! — on a continuous loop all day in the attraction. Guests will be able to watch the whole thing for free — free! — with a paid admission. The only downside is that they have to enjoy the free movie in five- to six-minute chunks so with average wait times it’ll take about 11 hours to see the whole thing. But it’s free!”