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Disneyland Tour: Mickey and Friends parking structure

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Mickey and Friends parking structure

The Mickey and Friends parking structure is an enormous five-story building designed to hold the vehicles of guests visiting the Disneyland Resort. It was built to handle the cars that once parked in Disneyland’s parking lot when that area became overcrowded by increasing guest numbers and the fact that much of the lot was inconveniently full of California Adventure. The new structure does not hold more cars than the old parking lot, but it does allow five-tall car stacking without the inconvenience of guests complaining that their car has tire tracks on its roof.

As you can see from the photograph, the parking structure was empty when we arrived. This is because we know that most guests do not show up for park opening, and that the parking structure opens an hour before Disneyland, and that guests “in the know” line up for parking an hour before the structure opens, so we got to Mickey and Friends an hour before that. Just to be sure you get a perfect spot, we suggest you show up an hour earlier than us.

The Mickey and Friends structure gets its name from the fact that the construction crew that built it was required to do so in character costume. Parking is $15, which is quite reasonable when you remember that it is very expensive to maintain a huge, open-air concrete building with nothing in it. In fact, Disney may be losing money.

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