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Juju Secrets: Juju #7 — Medicine for the Natives

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

An important shipment has been lost, and you need to find it! To begin this adventure. purchase a newspaper from the Adventure Trading Company. Within the paper is an advertisement for a 900 telephone number ($5/minute plus international fees since it’s calling Africa) that will give you instructions for tracking down the important crate.

Adventureland newspaper

Normally, you will need to go to Frontierland and play some silly land-trading game for half the day in order to earn enough pretend money to purchase the key to the secret box that holds the map that shows where the crate that holds the lost shipment is located.

We’ll save you the trouble: It’s in the middle of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, just sitting on the rock next to the goat eating explosives.

Find the crate and receive your Snake juju. Why a snake? It turns out that venom from a certain species of deadly snake is a certain cure for Sydenham’s chorea (otherwise known as Saint Vitus dance) — a disease that has infected many Adventureland jungle natives and causes an infected person to constantly dance, sometimes for as long as 60 years.