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Disneyland for a penny

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

A DisneyLies reader writes:

I was reading that if you present a 1943 coper penny at the ticket booth in Disneyland that they need 2 give u a ticket. Now i know that the 1943 penny, on the back it says One Cent and has two leafs on each side. I have a 1946 and a 1957 penny that say the same thing. Now my question is, do you have too present a 1943 penny or can it be any penny that says one cent on the back of it with the two leafs. I have a few of those and i heard that they can take them but i was not sure and i found this website. I hope to hear from you guys soon because i am going to Disneyland this tuesday and i wanted to see if it works. Thank you!

As it turns out, Disneyland will take any penny that has a wheat back. The only difference is that you only need one of the 1943 copper pennies, but with any other wheat-back penny you need many more of them (at the time of this writing, 5,600). Enjoy the park!