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On the Jingle Cruise

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Our intention had been to post a bunch of photos from the new Jingle Cruise at Disneyland, but it turns out that it’s very difficult to take photos from a moving boat usingĀ  a Polaroid camera you got for high school graduation in 1984. This means that we were unable to photograph many of the features of the redecorated cruise, including:

  • The various reindeer hiding in the bushes throughout the attraction (be sure to visit at night for a better view of Rudolph).
  • “Santa’s camp” where gorillas tear presents apart next to an overturned sleigh (which explains how all the reindeer got away).
  • The hilarious scene of a rhinoceros with a Christmas angel on the end of his horn chasing Santa and his elves up a tree.
  • The carol-singing pirannah.
  • The trader at the end of the attraction selling shaved cocoanuts painted to look like Jack Skellington’s head.

We did, however, get a nice picture of this gorilla…


…who is breaking open a case of banana fruitcake, and these giraffes…


…who definitely have the spirit of the season!

Jingle Cruise!

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Disneyland spared only a certain amount of expense on this year’s transformation of the Jungle Cruise into the generic-winter-holiday-but-mostly-Christmas-themed Jingle Cruise. Today, we are going to share a few photos of the merriment added to the attraction’s queue, and we’ll show you some of the elements from within the actual attraction in a couple of days.

The first thing that many guests will notice is that the Jingle Cruise is not in Adventureland, it’s in Advent Land! It’s amazing how much theming can be done by just nailing up a few boards.

Jingle Cruise sign

Another simple holiday change, the attraction’s upper-level exit lights are now a holiday-appropriate red and green, instead of just the stodgy, Scroogey, legally required red.

Jingle Cruise signs

While we’re upstairs, let’s take a look at the animatronic bird above the stairs. He is certainly ready for the holiday!

Jingle Cruise bird

Many items were added to the ground floor of the queue as well. Our favorite was these packages:

Jingle Cruise packages

They’re all addressed as gifts and sport snazzy Albert Schweitzer stamps (named for that famous postal worker, Dr. Albert Stamp). You can even peel back a corner to see the back side of postage!

That’s all for now. See you on Wednesday with more photos!