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Goodall’s revolt!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Jane Goodall, famed monkeyologist, visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom today as part of the park’s 10th anniversary celebration.

Goodall made a small speech about our responsibility to the Earth before walking with an elegant stride into the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, setting the gorillas free, and organizing a park-wide simian revolt. With her army of hairy brutes, Goodall forced her way to the front of the Everest queue and rode the attraction repeatedly. Guest who protested were met with sharp-toothed growls and the unspoken threat that they would be peeled like so many tourist-attired bananas if they so much as suggested that the great scientist’s ride be interrupted.

After a few dozen rides, Goodall signaled that she was done and commanded her followers to peacefully return to their enclosures.

To round out the afternoon, Goodall headed to Tusker House where she signed autographs, shrugged off endless lame Planet of the Apes jokes, and had a leisurely lunch of fresh fruit, small birds, and termite grub.