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Where’d DCA’s $$$ go????

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

A little over a week ago, the Blue Sky Disney blog had an article responding to the question that is on many Disney fan’s mouse-puckered lips, “I’ve heard that because of the economy all projects for DCA are on hold or canceled.” Well, we have been diligently researching this topic and have come to the conclusion that, despite what some may have you believe, this is not a question at all. All it is is a statement about a rumor. According to several experts in the English language that we consulted, if it had been a question the sentence would have had a significantly different form, and there probably would have been a question mark at the end.

Now that this is cleared up, we would like to address rumors that DCA’s improvements have been delayed/canceled due to a downturn in the economy. Fortunately, few things could be further from the truth! It is true that construction at DCA has been delayed a few months, but this has nothing to do with a lack of funds — at least not in a traditional sense. As Peter Exchequer, former head of Disneyland Resort accounting, told us on condition of anonymity, “To make a long story short, I lost the checkbook. We were all ready to go with moving the park’s entrance and recreating 1920 Hollywood or whatever it was that they were going to do first, and I had purchase orders read for all the construction crews, but when I got to the head of the line at Home Depot to buy all the wood and nails and stuff, I couldn’t find the checkbook. It was really embarrassing. Fortunately I found it just yesterday. It was in the pocket of a suit that was at the cleaners. So now as soon as my successor can get back to Home Depot and pick out all that stuff again, we’re back in business!”

Sad but true! This is easily the most embarrassing delay experienced at the resort since a cast member lost the key to the front gate of Disneyland and the park had to stay closed for a week and a half.