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Disneyland Tour: Guided Tour Pavilion

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Disneyland Tour: Guided Tour Pavilion

Guests who sign up for one of Disneyland’s many entertaining guided tours begin their adventure in the relaxing Guided Tour Pavilion. Here they can sit in silence, casually chat amongst themselves, or admire the back wall which at one time contained a door to a restroom (the restroom is still there — there’s just a wall in front of it that is removed at regular intervals so that maintenance can keep the inaccessible washroom spotless).

Available tours range from the Discover the Magic tour for children to the Disney After Dark tour for adults, from the Welcome to Disneyland tour for newcomers to the Every Last Hidden Mickey tour for die-hard fans, and from the energetic Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour to the decidedly less tiring Walk in Eisner’s Footsteps tour. Seasonally, there are tours for Disney Christmas Magic, Magic Springtime, and, around Halloween, the Disney’s Halloweentime Tour and the much more frightening Management Policies and Their Implications in the Era of Cynthia Harris Tour.

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