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Freaky Friday four

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

We’re busy gearing up for an upcoming Disney Lies research trip to Walt Disney World, but a bit of news came across our desk that we are unable to keep under wraps.

According to a close friend of the dog groomer of a reliable source in a business near Disney’s corporate office’s caterer, Disney will be remaking Freaky Friday yet again! But this time Disney will do something it never has before — it will replace the story’s main characters with existing Disney characters.

In the new Freaky Friday (to be released in 2010), a crazy bit of ironic magic will cause the mind of normal teenager Miley Stewart to swap places with the mind of popular singing star Hannah Montana! Hilarity will ensue as they attempt to live each others’ lives. Will Miley, in Hannah’s body, be able to perform at the big concert? Will Hannah, in Miley’s body, be able to protect Miley’s secret that she spends her nights performing as popular singing star Hannah Montana? You’ll have to see the film to find out!

Continuing its remakes of mid-1970s films, Disney is expected to also release The Jonas Brothers Dumpling Gang late next year.