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Return from WDW

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

The DisneyLies team has returned from its research trip to Walt Disney World and is busily digging through piles of paperwork, photographs, and credit-card bills so we can put together a whole mess of high-quality (sic.) content for our loyal readers. We’ll have attraction descriptions, restaurant reviews with photos, and all sorts of cool stuff (assuming we actually can get our acts together — WDW’s time zone is six over and two up from our home, and the jet lag is horribly disorienting, as is the prospect of having to go through so much material on our Tivo).

A few quick things we picked up during the trip:

  • The nice folks in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion have heard all the swine flu jokes already.
  • The nice folks in Epcot’s France pavilion seem unable to grasp even the simplest “wine flu” pun.
  • Yelling “swine flu” after sneezing in a crowded airport can get you arrested.