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Progress City

Friday, June 27th, 2014

We are fully in book publicity mode at the moment, but are taking some time off from busily not writing anything for the blog to let you know about a Kickstarter project for a new Disney-related book from some person whose blog we read but otherwise know nothing about, including secret details that only a committed stalker would know, because we don’t and perhaps wouldn’t want to.

The proposed book is called The Progress City Primer (see it on Kickstarter), and will contain none of the following:

  • An explanation of how Walt Disney could get people to lose weight with just one weird old trick.
  • Details of Disneyland’s never-build Monsanto Hall of Colonoscopies.
  • A biographical exploration of little-known Disney employees who somewhat aspired to be Imagineers but weren’t.
  • The secret history of Walt Disney World that they didn’t want you to hear! (Including juicy details of the never-built Condorman vs. Rocketeer Battle Coaster, the truth behind what happened to Animal Kingdom’s dragons, and why Avatar is way cooler than some dumb old wizard kid.)
  • A central 3D pop-up-book-style full-size recreation of Walt Disney’s original Epcot Center concept model.
  • An envelope full of cash (mostly twenties).

The author promises that the book will be hundreds of information-packed pages deep, contain photographs that will look wrong if viewed through a stereoscope, and be crammed with essays that have been added to, updated, or rewritten, often to the point that they have actually been replaced by completely new essays. He will also sign books if requested, or leave them blank so you can sign them yourself.

We don’t make any money off of the sales of this book, but we’re happily promoting it as part of the Disney fan community and in the hope that it will make the author feel guilty enough that he will post a link to That’s NOT At Disneyland! (currently 30% off) on his blog. Or something.