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Disneyland Tour: Fireman’s pole

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Disneyland Tour: Fireman's Pole

Within the Disneyland Fire Department is a traditional firefighter’s brass pole, leading to a circular hole in the ceiling. At one time, this pole could be used to quickly enter the Fire Department building from the second-floor apartment. Visitors to the apartment had to be particularly careful before sliding down, lest they land upon the head of a guests visiting the Fire Department below, and sometimes they would have to stand in “pole position” for several minutes waiting for an opportunity to slide. Walt Disney found the delay unacceptable, and rather than have a disappointing attraction in his park, asked that the hole be sealed with wood and cement, carpeted over, and have a safe filled with lead bricks placed upon it, surrounded by electrified barbed wire to help visitors resist the temptation to slide down.

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