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Disneyland Tour: Ethnic door

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Disneyland Tour: Ethnic door

One door on Main Street marks the home of Dr. Benjamin Silverstein, a general practitioner whose mother — according to Silverstein’s official Disney back story — is very proud of him (not that he ever remembers to call her, but that’s alright because she’s sure a doctor has much more important things to do than call the poor woman who gave him life). Next to the door is hung a mezuzah, indicating that Dr. Silverstein is a practicing Jew. The mezuzah was not always next to the door. In fact, it was only added in the late 1990s when the fictional Silverstein decided to more publicly embrace the religion of his ancestors. He also is imagined to have fictionally threatened to pretend to sue Disney if a menorah was not placed in “his” window during the holidays. All of this took Disney rather by surprise, forcing them to take quick action, which is why the mezuzah hangs at an angle — in their haste to put it up, the maintenance crew forgot to ensure that it was straight.

Observant guests might notice that the welcome mat that originally stood outside this door is now gone, having been worn away to dust by the tens of thousands of guests who step up to the door each day to take a closer look. The wearing out of the welcome mat in such a short time became a bit of a legend around Disneyland, and it is where we get the phrase “to wear out one’s welcome.”

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