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Disneyland Tour: VIP entrance

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

VIP entrance

Disneyland has a separate VIP entrance for particularly important guests (heads of state, Medal of Honor recipients, bloggers, etc.) so that they don’t have to stand in line with the other guests. But other than its exclusivity and the fact that everyone passing through it receives a valuable gift basket, it operates like any other line.

Speaking of which, the cast members that run the entrance turnstiles must be particularly skilled individuals — constantly attentive, prodigiously knowledgeable, and gratuitously multilingual. They are versatile enough to scan tickets and identify guests from pixilated annual-pass photos at one minute, and turn around and stamp guest hands with weird green ink the next.

These cast members are also responsible for identifying guests whose appearance is not within park guidelines. This would include young people with obscene clothing (shirts that read “$*#! Smurfs”, for example), guests hold shopping bags full of food so they can avoid having to buy anything edible, the nude, and anyone whose stroller is filled with a ravenous adult panther. In years past, people whose hair was too long were denied entry to the park, and although this policy is no longer in force, tradition holds that security must be notified whenever a “hippie” enters the property.

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Disneyland Tour: Entrance

Monday, February 14th, 2011


The entrance to Disneyland is reminiscent of the top two-and-a-half feet of the longest, thinnest house in Marceline, Missouri, perched atop the gates to the Marceline Cemetery, with turnstiles added. Though lines may seem long, they move quickly because the entrance is designed to provide orderly entry for up to 500 guests per second when operating at full capacity. In fact, the entire population of China could pass through these gates in just 31 days, assuming that they all had valid tickets, minimum strollers were used, and nobody was trying to park hop illegally, but this would put a significant strain on Disneyland’s infrastructure, particularly its delicate churro-supply chain.

But the entrance is more than just a friendly place where your pathetic attempt to forge official Disney documents using rudimentary Photoshop skills and a home printer are instantly seen through, leading to your detainment, arrest, humiliation, and eventual drunken homelessness. It also has park maps and schedules conveniently available.

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