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Miniature dungeon for sale!

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

During our spare time in the last few months, the staff of DisneyLies has been working hard on a new hobby — creating Disney miniatures! Our first creation, after thousands of work hours, is now complete. It’s a Ken/Barbie-scale version of the dungeon seen in the Disneyland Snow White’s Scary Adventure queue!

The amount of detail we put into this is, we think, unbelievable. Knowing how much guests like to throw money into the scene, we even populated it with hundreds of real electromagnetically shrunken pieces of change!

Snow White's Scary Adventures queue dungeon model

To give you an idea of the level of detail, the spell book is an actual, hand-bound little book that has content on every page, the stone is mold-pressed paper pulp (from our large collection of historic Disneyland guide maps and ticket media), and the skull is lovingly hand-carved from a peanut!

Snow White's Scary Adventures queue dungeon model

Because we really don’t have anywhere in the DisneyLies office to put this thing, we have decided to offer it for sale. It’s on eBay right now if you ‘d like to give it a good home! (Link)

Update: We’ve removed the eBay link, since the model has been sold. In retrospect, the “Buy it now” price of $20 (with free shipping) might have been lowballing. Oh well — just wait until we complete our miniature, fully-functional Matterhorn. Nobody’s getting away with that for less than three figures!

Hurry over to eBay!!!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

As all Disney fans know, the “Mickey loop” was recently removed from DCA’s California Screamin’ coaster. What you may not know is that Disney has put the Mickey loop up for sale on eBay!!! With free shipping!!! It’s a short auction and I didn’t notice it until just now. There are only a few hours left and the bidding is still only in the low three digits. Hurry and get your bid in immediately! Remember how sad you were when you lost out on your chance to bid on the entire contents of Superstar Limo? Or the tragedy of not hearing about the Orange Stinger “peel” auction until it was long gone? Don’t let another opportunity pass you by!!!