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Committed to Disneyside!

Friday, November 15th, 2013

As part of its marketing plan for the coming year, Disney has been promoting the #disneyside hashtag and encouraging guests and fans to tweet about how they would like to “end their troubles” Disney style.

A few that we’ve seen and particularly noted:

  • Endless “it’s a small world rides” #disneyside
  • Juse one more churro #disneyside
  • Supercharged teacup spin #disneyside
  • Laughing at my cares until I have no more #disneyside
  • Make like a villain and fall from something #disneyside
  • One too many ticket price increases #disneyside
  • Ride Winnie the Pooh once #disneyside
  • Of course, there’s always my way #disneyside

Tie-in products include “Chose Disneyside” t-shirts, the upcoming tweet-collecting book For princesses who have considered Disneyside when Prince Charming is enuf, and a “how to” manual, Final Exit Through the Gift Shop.