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Extreme hotel makeover!

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Disneyland Resort’s Disneyland Hotel is in the midst of a gigantic makeover, significant details of which were recently released to a Disneyland fan base hungry for news that had nothing to do with water shows.

The Disneyland Hotel’s new theme will be “Disneyland Nostalgia” (replacing the current theme, “Things Named After the Former Owner’s Wife”).

As part of the new theme, the current Peter Pan pool overlay will be removed and replaced with a Jungle Cruise theme, allowing guests to, for the first time, actually bathe with the elephants, swim past the back side of water, and shoot at hippos! A “Great Swims with Mr. Lincoln” kiddie pool will be created in between the current pool and the waterfall slash koi ponds before the latter is demolished. The koi ponds will be completely reimagined as a small water park with slides created from the old Mark I monorails that have been sitting behind the Team Disney building for decades. The slides will be almost as tall as the monorails were long — some 60 feet — and will still have their seats and other interior fixtures intact, promising a wild, thrilling ride! For younger kids, a smaller, closer-to-the-ground Viewliner slide will also be available.

Worried about the fish that will be displaced by the new water park area? Don’t be! The koi will have a home in the new attraction. There will even be a fish ladder for those daring fish that want to give the slides a try!

The hotel’s three towers (Bonita, Conchita, and Chiquita) will be renamed for Disneyland lands and appropriately themed. The Toontown tower is being remodeled and redecorated so that the rooms and public areas have no flat surfaces or right angles. The Tomorrowland tower will feature omnidirectional turbolifts instead of elevators, and boast rooms with holographic television, sonic showers, and artificially intelligent lighting. And in the Frontierland tower, guests will be able to “rough it” in rooms with horsehair beds, dirt floors, and no maid service.