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Disneyland Tour: Disney window

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Disneyland Tour: Disney window

If Disneyland is set up to be like a movie, then outdoor vending carts are concession stands, the entrance newsstand is the newsreel, Main Street Cinema is the cartoon, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is a short subject, the other lands are the main features, shows and attractions are scenes, music played throughout the park is the soundtrack, what cast members say is dialogue, what they wear is costumes, how they walk is choreography, buildings are sets, weather is special effects, lights are lighting, someone changing a light bulb after hours is a grip, the guy emptying a trash can is a gofer, and noisy teenagers who are ruining everyone’s good time are noisy teenagers who are ruining everyone’s good time, which leaves the names written on the windows on Main Street as the movie’s credits.

Putting the names of contributors to Disneyland on park windows (such as this one for an Elias Disney, who we are apparently supposed to believe was some kind of mob boss who put “contracts” out on people) seemed like a neat idea to Walt Disney. It was a way for him to honor his employees, inspirations, partners, and dentists without distracting from the park’s show. One problem that arose early in the park’s history was that guests were preconditioned by movies to react to a list of credits by getting up and leaving. To counteract this reflex, Disney had large gates constructed across the front of the park, which forced guests to stop and think about what they were doing before they got back to their car. Another problem was that females honored on the windows kept getting married and changing their names, necessitating expensive window updates. This is why, as a cost-saving measure, windows on Main Street are almost always named after men.

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