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Brave new rating

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Disney/Pixar is/were very disappointed to learn that the MPAA (Moving Picture Arbiters of America) had assigned Pixar’s new film Brave a rating of PG, which could seriously impact the appeal of the animated feature to preschoolers who wish to attend without their parents.

In their official statement, the MPAA said that that their published guidance for the film would read: “It is recommended that parents exercise discretion. This film has received a PG rating for feminist violence, male cross dressing, weird accents, and brief, gratuitous haggis.”

When contacted for an official statement, the MPAA appeared to believe that Scotland was an imaginary place created by Disney for the purposes of this film. Said their representative, “Children are naturally going to find scenes and images of children defying parental authority upsetting enough without having to set the whole thing in a place where standard laws of normal society are turned on their head and everyone talks like Scrooge McDuck. The film might have garnered a G rating had it taken place somewhere normal like Europe.”

At press time, official reaction from the Scottish ambassador to the United Nations was an unprintable insult followed by a vague threat of invasion.