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Muppets Most Wanted

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

The entire staff went out to see Muppets Most Wanted tonight. It is, of course, an awesome film, but a few points really stood out for us as favorites, namely:

  • The pre-movie trailer for the Muppets’ return to films based on literature, Muppet Wuthering Heights. (The scene with Miss Piggy knocking on the window was hilarious.)
  • The pre-movie short, “Monster House,” in which Monster University’s Oozma Kappa fraternity strikes back at Dean Wormer, the Deltas, and their other enemies by converting Mike Wazowski’s car into the “Deathmobile” and using it to massively disrupt the homecoming parade.
  • The cameo by Skrillex as the Muppets’ new musical director (and the resulting “Muppet Show Themearang”).
  • Sam the Eagle’s dream about being Captain America (with Gonzo as Black Widow and one Gonzo’s chickens as Falcon).
  • Miss Piggy’s show-stopping “P.I.G.” (based on Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.”).
  • Clever cameos by various celebrities, including Prince as a prince, The Rock as a rock, and Lady Gaga as a baby.
  • The hilarious, slapstick cameo by a pantsless Vladimir Putin.
  • The incredibly subtle cameo by a Subway sandwich.
  • The adorable post-credits sequence where Animal finds a tiara discarded from the crown jewels and puts it on, declaring himself “PRINCESS!”