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Disneyland measles button

Monday, February 9th, 2015

We’ve been so busy promoting our new That’s Not At Disneyland books that we’ve hardly had time to visit the Disneyland Resort in the last two months. We were finally able to visit over the weekend, and were thrilled to see all the new entertainment and changes throughout both parks.

One interesting details we discovered at City Hall was that Disneyland now has these buttons available:

Disneyland "vaccinated" button

We asked a cast member to hold one of the buttons and tell us a little bit about it. According to her, “I’m happy to help, but it’s too bad I didn’t do my nails last night. I’m not a professional hand model.”

Assuming that the buttons were created in reaction to the recent outbreak of measles that was traced to Disneyland, we asked if she had more details. “Not that there’s anything wrong with professional hand models,” she said. “It’s a great career and I wouldn’t mind getting into it, so long as I could work around my Disneyland job.”

After we took our pictures, we asked if Guest Services had been inundated with questions about communicable diseases in the parks, availability of measles vaccinations at First Aid, and annoying “it’s a smallpox world” and “Jungle (Cruise) fever” jokes. She had little to say about that but, as we were leaving, did add, “You’ll let me know about any hand modeling opportunities you hear of, won’t you?”