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Disneyland Tour: Blue Ribbon Bakery

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Disneyland Tour: Blue Ribbon Bakery

When it originally opened, the Blue Ribbon Bakery carried nothing but baked goods that had been awarded blue ribbons by nonpartisan state bakery judge officials. Unfortunately, the time it took to judge each item as it was baked proved to be inconveniently high, resulting in many items not being available to customers until they were well past their recommended “sell by” date. It was decided that the restaurant’s policy would be changed such that only recipies that had won blue ribbons would be used, but that the actual foodstuffs themselves were on their own.

In 1986, one of the Blue Ribbon Bakery’s chefs came up with the idea for “dough-center cookies” that were still raw in the middle, with the intent of delighting those who enjoyed cookies but also liked to eat raw chocolate-chip-cookie dough. The cookies proved popular, but unfortunately led to a number of cases of minor food poisoning due to their ingredients including a certain amount of uncooked eggs. The cookies attained Edsel-level fame after that, and they are in fact where the phrase “a half-baked idea” comes from.

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