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April Fool’s Day at Disneyland

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

As long-time readers of this blog know, Disneyland plays a prank on its guests every year on April Fool’s day. It might be as simple as mixing up the heads on costumed characters (who can forget Cruella de Duck or Mickey the Pooh?) or as complicated as running Splash Mountain backwards (so that it dries guests off).

This year, Disney has gone to great lengths to bring guests a resort-wide prank of epic proportions! Pipes and special, custom-designed sprinklers have been installed on the roofs of every building in the resort so that, at the flip of a switch, torrential rain will pour from the sky! Even though the rain will be fake (it will be municipal water, not rain water), park shops will join in the fun by selling ponchos, umbrellas, and commemorative water bottles.

Update: Since we initially wrote this post, it has come to our attention that some elements of Disneyland management are not convinced that this harmless prank will be well received. Because of this, the latest reports are showing that Disneyland will test the system before park opening but will not have a fake rainstorm during the day. There is, however, a 60% chance they will create a “storm” late in the evening.

Disneyland: April Fool’s Day 2012

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

In the press release put out late this afternoon, Disneyland management admitted that they had “not completely thought through” their plan to announce to hundreds of thousands of Disneyland annual passholders that they were invited to a special preview of Cars Land on Sunday, April 1. “We really didn’t think so many people would show up,” said Maintenance Worker (formerly Park Manager) Belle Bottoms, commenting on closure of the Mickey and Friends lot, which reached capacity shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday morning.

“When they did show up,” Bottoms continued, “we knew that they would be disappointed to find Cars Land still under construction, but that they would laugh along with us at the silly April Fools joke and then be pleasantly delighted when we announced that the Disney California Adventure entrance plaza really was open months earlier than anticipated and was ready for their shopping and trolley-riding enjoyment.”

Unfortunately, annual passholders — some of whom had camped out all night to be the first into what they thought was the secret Cars Land preview opening — did not take the news well. As of this morning, the DCA entrance plaza has once again been put behind construction walls, with an anticipated date of mid-June for completion of repairing the riot damage.