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Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Media Tie-ins

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

The fourth Indiana Jones film (Indiana Jones and the Magic Quartz Head) will be released to theaters next week, and Disneyland has announced that there will be a number of exciting activities in Adventureland to help the park ride on the film’s advertising shirttails. Specifically:

  • Indiana Jones Adventure Map: Guests will be able to buy a map that shows in great detail every nook and cranny of Adventureland — from the nearest bathroom to the farthest branch of Tarzan’s Tree House. No more getting lost in this expansive themed area!
  • Adventure Photo Location: Ever want to have a cast member in a neat hat take your picture so that you didn’t have to hold your own camera? Now you can!
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Queue: The Indy ride’s queue will be “plussed” with extra dust, muskier darkness, more guests, and more of that great “lived in” feeling that everyone enjoys. Also, the safety spiel video will be replaced with the original Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Jungle Cruise: Some animatronic animals will be replaced with characters from the Indiana Jones films, and Jungle Cruise Skippers will have a new spiel incorporating Indy-themed elements. For example: “Some people say that Adolf Hitler could jump thirty feet, but don’t worry — we’re only ten feet away so he’ll heil right over us.”
  • Indiana Jones in Adventureland: Indiana Jones himself will appear in Adventureland and do battle with an evil guy! The battle will include rooftop action, whip fights, acrobatics, and carefully orchestrated fisticuffs, ranging all over Adventureland (except during times of high crowds, during which Indy will just shoot the guy).
  • Animatronic Indy: Indiana Jones figures will be added to Pirates of the Caribbean, and rumor has it that young Indiana Jones will appear in a certain “small” attraction after its extensive refurb ends.
  • And more: Later in the year, watch for the opening of Indiana Jones’ Secret Base at Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island!