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Giant hat to be removed from Disney Hollywood Studios

Friday, October 24th, 2014

According to second-hand information that we happened across on some random web site, Disney will officially be removing the gigantic Sorcerer Mickey Hat from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Presumably, they will also be removing the gigantic Sorcerer Mickey figure that has been buried beneath the hat for more than a decade with only one hand showing (the other hand is not part of the buried figure; it previously adorned Epcot’s Spaceship Earth and is being warehoused off site in anticipation of a reunion with the bulk of Giant Sorcerer Mickey’s body).

It has not been decided what will be built in the hat’s place to disrupt the gorgeous view of the Great Movie Ride. “We were thinking maybe just a big billboard at first,” said a person we talked to who sounded like he knew what he was talking about. “After that, maybe a gigantic Darth Vader head. It hasn’t been decided.”

Latest Disney news

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Too many Disney news stories today to keep track of! Some highlights for those of you who don’t have time for actual news sources:

  • There’s a new Frozen short film coming! In “Frozen Fever,” Anna catches a cold from building a snowman with her sister and, in a state of fevered delirium, leaves Kristoff for Olaf.
  • A few days ago, Disney fan Brent Dodge set a record by visiting every attraction at every park in Walt Disney World every day for 365 days. Said Dodge, “I’m tired.” Several groups are protesting his record, contending that he cheated by not seeing all shows and parades and deliberately not counting attractions that were closed for refurbishment.
  • Disney has officially announced a trademark lawsuit against mouse-themed music creator Deadmau5 over his use of a logo that looks suspiciously like the famous Disney Mickey Mouse silhouette a fraction of a second after a stick of dynamite exploded in Mickey’s mouth. Deadmau5 responded to Disney’s lengthy legal complaint by cutting it into bits and mixing it with a complaint of his own creation so that it was easier to dance to.

Frozen Assets

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Over the last weekend, the total global box office receipts for Frozen passed $800 million, which means that if the movie were a nation its annual GDP would exceed that of 91% of the world’s countries, putting it in 17th place, right above Turkey (and with its eye on Indonesia).

All of this attention has rumors swirling about the possibility of a Frozen attraction appearing at one or more of Disney’s theme parks. According to a portion of commenters on the Official Unofficial LEGOLand Fanblog Discussion Forum’s “Other” subsection, Disney may be planning a reskinning of the Epcot’s Norway Pavilion’s Maelstrom attraction. The overlay would be fairly simple — little more than redecorating a few trolls as princesses and snowmen and installing equipment to freeze all the water — but might cause more problems than it solves. “The little movie shown after the attraction would just be that much more confusingly contextless,” said a person clutching a tiny Norway flag on a stick and looking at it wistfully. “There are already too many people who either walk on out without seeing it or emerge from the theater with a glazed look in their eyes. Also, the country of Norway sponsors the pavilion and we don’t want to upset them — particularly when their military power is almost equal to that of Disney.”

A far more appetizing option (with not apologies for the pun) would be to convert the Akershus (gesundheit) princess breakfast into an exclusively Frozen themed one. This would be another easy change, necessitating only turning down the thermostat a tad more, swapping in two new princesses, and replacing the current smorgasbord with a selection of frozen foods. “I would welcome the change,” said Arial, one of the princesses often found in the current breakfast. “I wouldn’t mind being transferred to another part of one of the parks — preferably one without such an emphasis on eating fish.”

Request from a reader

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

At, we frequently receive e-mails from people with Disney-related websites who want us to promote their online presence to our copious bounty of readers. So it was with great surprise that we received an e-mail from Mike “Wazowski” Roberts, which read something like nothing like this:

Dear people at You are brilliant and intelligent and I have committed myself to naming all my future offspring after you, but today I am contacting you about another issue entirely.

I have a new website called that, despite the name, is intended to act somewhat as a hub of information on Walt Disney World vacations. I am hoping that you could assist me by asking your readers to completely ignore my page as if it didn’t even exist. You see, it is so incredibly full of useful information that I am currently swamped by traffic. Lesson learned: I should have set up some kind of server to handle page requests instead of typing them in by hand, on demand, in real time.

Please do not link to my page. That would kind of defeat the purpose. Also, please let me know where to send you a pile of money.

We did not take any money from Mike (if that’s his real name), largely because he didn’t actually offer us any. Even so, we are more than happy to pass along the above message as if he wrote it himself.

If you have a Disney-related website that you would like us to mention on this blog, please feel free to write to us about it. We can’t say what will happen after that, but we would love to hear from you.

Update: We had to edit the page to repair the horribly incorrect URL that used to be here and to correctly spell “promote” which had been autocorrected to “kiss up to like Eisner’s closest coworker.”

Prince of Persia promotion problem

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Disneyland and Walt Disney World planned to surprise park guests with a special promotion tied in to today’s release of Prince of Persia, Disney’s third video-game-inspired film (after Tron and Grand Theft Auto: Toontown). The promotion involved special “Sands of Time” tickets randomly distributed to guests who received FASTPASSes. According to the text on the tickets, a guest leaving an indicated attraction could give the ticket to any cast member and “be taken back in time to the point where you entered the vehicle loading area, exactly as if you had returned to the moment before you rode!” This effectively allowed a lucky guest to ride an attraction twice in a row while only standing in line once.

It sounded like a neat idea, something that would generate excellent online buzz, but there was a problem. Guests quickly began to balk when cast members attempted to take their Sands of Time ticket from them. As one guest put it, “If I’m traveling back in time, then I’m traveling back to a time when I had the ticket, not to a time when I didn’t have the ticket yet, so why should I have to give it up? And since I still have it when I get off the ride, why can’t I use it to travel back in time and ride again, like I’m in an infinite time loop? Then when I’m tired, I can just get off the ride and choose not to use the ticket, and I shouldn’t have to give it away when I didn’t use it, so there’s no situation in which I should have to let a cast member take my ticket.”

When guests who had won tickets began using this logical loophole to bring the queue at Expedition Everest (and, soon, other attractions) to a crawl, Disney realized they had to do something. The first thing they did was stop FASTPASS machines from giving out more tickets. The second thing they did was quickly inform cast members not to mention to guests that if the park is closing they could use their ticket to “go back in time” to just before the park closed and take another ride, then do it again, and again, and again, possibly keeping attractions open long into the night.

And the trouble doesn’t stop there. “We forgot to put expiration dates on the things,” said a suicidal-looking member of the team that brainstormed the Sands of Time promotion. “At this point, there’s nothing that can be done. We may have ruined Disney parks permanently.”

Queen Victoria’s Room

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Another quick note on dining from Walt Disney World — the new Queen Victoria’s Room at Victoria & Albert’s restaurant in the Grand Floridian hotel has been running for a week now and reviews are almost universally positive. Said one guest, “Why go to some crummy character meal where you might have nothing more than a quick photo op with some made-up princess when you can have Queen Victoria herself as your table server! The food was great, the service was — of course! — impeccable, and the price only differed from that of a more common character meal by a few orders of magnitude.”

More princesses at Cinderella’s

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Last Sunday, there was a big change made to Cinderella’s Royal Table at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Originally, Cinderella was the only princess who put in an appearance during dinner, but beginning on the 7th guests were greeted by a whole bevy of Disney’s princesses. Why the change? “It’s the economy,” said Cindy, a Royal Table cast member and future queen of the realm. “It was just too expensive for all the princesses to maintain their own castles, so we decided to pool our resources and be roomies! And we’re having so much fun!”

Guests interested in meeting the princesses should take note that both the Royal Table dinner service and the new Midnight Princess Pillow-Fight Delight show sell out months in advance. Make your reservations now!

Electrical Parade on the move!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Disney has announced that this summer the Main Street Electrical Parade will be moving from Disney’s California Adventure to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. DCA mega-fans (both of them) were very upset to hear this news. “That parade’s a California tradition,” said Paris Dicepeer, a Disney annual passholder that visits DCA so often that she has twice been arrested for stalking. “It started in California, so it should stay in California, even if it’s in a different park in California, don’t take the parade from its home!” (She might have said more, but at that point burst into tears, drenching her churro.)

Why is the parade moving? Few will be surprised that the root cause is cost. Said Press Contact, Disneyland Press Relations press contact for the press, “Last year Disney teamed with Sylvania to completely rework and upgrade the electrical parade. Together, we spent more than 1.5 billion dollars replacing all the light bulbs with tiny curlicue energy-efficient bulbs and installing motion sensors so that parade floats would go dark when nobody is in the room. After all that, we didn’t have budget left to upgrade the electrical connectivity system, which has an old two-prong wall plug. The only facility Disney has with a two-prong plug is in an old warehouse in Florida’s Magic Kingdom, so with the budget being so tight our only options are move the parade to Florida to be closer to its power source, or spend another summer babysitting an enormous extension cord.”

Budget has also been cited as the explanation for why Tokyo DisneySea’s new Fantasmic! show will share a cast with Disneyland’s Fantasmic! Said one very tired looking manager, “With the difference in time zones, it’s really not that big a deal.”

Return from WDW

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

The DisneyLies team has returned from its research trip to Walt Disney World and is busily digging through piles of paperwork, photographs, and credit-card bills so we can put together a whole mess of high-quality (sic.) content for our loyal readers. We’ll have attraction descriptions, restaurant reviews with photos, and all sorts of cool stuff (assuming we actually can get our acts together — WDW’s time zone is six over and two up from our home, and the jet lag is horribly disorienting, as is the prospect of having to go through so much material on our Tivo).

A few quick things we picked up during the trip:

  • The nice folks in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion have heard all the swine flu jokes already.
  • The nice folks in Epcot’s France pavilion seem unable to grasp even the simplest “wine flu” pun.
  • Yelling “swine flu” after sneezing in a crowded airport can get you arrested.

In a Pirates League of their own

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Beginning in late June, guests of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World will be able to visit “The Pirates League” in Adventureland and receive a pirate “makeover”. Says someone on the street pretending to be a Disney spokesperson, “It’s like Bibbidi Bobbidi Botique, but with less lace and more hooks, and the only hair they worry about is on your chest.”

Guests wishing to join the Pirates League enter the League’s secret headquarters in Adventureland, ask their parents to hand over some “bootie” (possibly in the form of a “credit c-arr-d”), and are assigned a pirate name (in the form of “Captain [first name] [animal],” “[adjective] [first name] [color],” or “Mr. [nonsense word that sounds like a sneeze].” Then, after taking a binding pirate oath by which they acknowledge that their new appearance will be ©Disney, then move into the “pirate’s den” for a complete “keel haul” (the pirate word for a makeover).

Three options are available:

  • First Mate Package ($50): Bandana, earring, eye patch, fake teeth, striped shirt, facial scar, sword, choice of false limb, stuffed parrot
  • Pirate Princess Package ($75): Just like the First Mate package, but more expensive because it’s for girls and has “princess” in the name.
  • Captain Package ($150): Everything that’s in the First Mate package, plus a pirate outfit, a real talking parrot, and a curse from an actual piece of forbidden treasure.
  • Pirate King Package ($750): Everything that’s in the Captain package, plus an upgraded sword, a “pirate coin” necklace, the right to “plunder” one car in the parking lot, and never see your parents again.