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Postcard: Sleeping Beauty Castle

Friday, May 9th, 2014



This is the castle in Disney land. It is really beautiful. We all are having a great time here. The weather has been sunny and it’s supposed to get to 84°F tomorrow! I here it’s cold there! Be good + see you soon. Love you, Jayne

P.S. We have only gone to Disney land + Knotts Berry Farm so far

People used to address young men as “master.” It was creepy then; it’s still creepy now. Don’t do it.

And while you’re at it, write “Disneyland” as one word. It’s written in giant letters at the top of the postcard you’re writing on, for goodness sakes.

Postcard: Mark Twain — Rivers of America

Thursday, May 8th, 2014


Dear Tinky —

This park is really great — done with such finesse and perfection it’s unbelievable — weather is warm + sunny — food is very Mexican — buildings are attractive but won’t last long — no scenery here at all — going to L.A. Tuesday, so may get to see some water and mountains. All are well + tired! Love Jan

A few notes:

A) Complains that Disneyland has no scenery and hopes to see water and mountains in Los Angeles.

B) Writes this on a postcard with a photo of water and a mountain at Disneyland.

C) Thinks that Disneyland buildings won’t last, but 37 years after the postcard was written, most of the buildings are still there, but the mountain in the picture is gone.

Postcard: Previewing the future of transportation

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014


Dwight, the fact that we have twice found it necessary to shift the date of our next meeting must have been a little confusing to our members. However, it is now definite that we will meet on November 18. Dr. Giles T. Brown will be our speaker. Brown is presently Head of the Social Science Dept. at Fullerton State College, an authority on various aspects of California history, and I feel that we are very fortunate in obtaining him. Thank you again for your telephone call; your concern was well justified. Every good wish. Pat

P.S. I am mailing notices this morning, Thursday.

Best. Disneyland. Postcard. Ever.

Postcard: The Upjohn Pharmacy

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


“He” having a nice visit of course had to catch a cold — still laugh — lest I feel bitter — We’ll be here till July 14 — Barney Celebrated his 50th on the 13th.

Everyone fine — Reid looks too thin but enjoys his gardens and animals — Will write more later — love Martha

Not that it’s related to this postcard in any way, but here are three of modern psychology’s top signs of impending marital crisis:

  • Referring to a spouse using only pronouns in scare quotes
  • Barely suppressed feelings of bitterness
  • Pretending like you aren’t particularly surprised or bothered by a spouse’s illness, but writing about it on a postcard picturing a pharmacy.

Postcard: Tomorrowland

Monday, May 5th, 2014


Toured this on Wenes day. The bop had a ball. They did get me on this — train ride Have fun and looking forward to return trip home. Mary

Mary seems to think that she’s going to be taking the Monorail home. At first glance, you might think that she’s charmingly delusional, but it turns out that she actually lives at the Wilderness Lodge (which — jokes on her — has no monorail service).

Postcard: Strolling Topiary Lane

Thursday, May 1st, 2014



We spent two days here – it was lovely. We got awfully tired but it was worth it. You’d love to see this place. The weather has been perfect – warm, sunny. We will down a lot + really enjoyed it. Leaving next Sat or Sun Barb + all

We really want to know where this picture was taken. Is there a gigantic lawn somewhere in the Magic Kingdom? A lawn populated by topiary animals that’s so big that you have to take the Monorail to cross it? Why is it called a “lane” when there’s no path or pavement? And what is a costumed character doing wandering around out there? Is it lost? Avoiding giving autographs? On a break?

So many unanswered questions on a postcard we couldn’t read most of.

Postcard: Triceratops hover protectively over their hatching young…

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014



I am in California having a good visit with my aunt it was 102 yester day we were at sea World in Sandiego Waley

Here’s a lesson in manners: Don’t call your aunt “it,” particularly if you’re visiting for her 102nd birthday, and don’t brag about going to Sea World instead of to her party. It’s just rude.

Postcard: Contemporary Resort

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014


Dear Moe

Spending 3-4 weeks here + there with my Trailer. If you had a phone you would have been at Mary’s funeral instead of sending me a note on the day she was buried. Also I would have liked to see Mrs. ___ but could not call you for the address.

Love George

Wow. Way to criticize someone for not having a phone, Mr. Lives in a Trailer in the 1970s Before Cell Phones Were Invented.

Postcard: Monorail to the Magic Kingdom

Monday, April 28th, 2014



Really having a great time!

Your Neighbors

There’s nothing that cheers the heart like a personal note from anonymous “neighbors.”

Postcard: Welcome!

Friday, April 25th, 2014


Hi Elizabeth,
from the sunny, hot south. Temps in the 90’s.

Having a great Vacation.

Nancy + Harold ___

The temperature is in the 90s, but there’s still a person running around in a mostly black mouse suit. How they heck can they avoid instant heat stroke? When we visit Disney World during the summer, we always expect there to be costumed cast members strewn here and there all around the place, unconscious from the heat, but we never see any. They must drag them backstage really fast.