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Poor Pooh!

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Winnie the Pooh (as seen in our local grocery store) apparently was celebrating the new year a little too hard last night.

Drunk Pooh

Cards Against Humanity Disney Expansion

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Warning: Today’s post is about a game that is not appropriate for children, isn’t right for families or the easily offended, and is definitely not safe for work. Do you fit into one of these categories? Yes? Then run away!

If you are one of today’s hip young people, then you may be familiar with Cards Against Humanity — a card game of dubious taste that is often played by groups of teens or college students when parents and other decent folks are not in the vicinity. In the past, the Cards Against Humanity company has released a couple of themed expansion packs for their game (including “Remembering the 1990s” and “Famous Genocides”). This year, just in time for Christmas, they have created a game expansion pack specifically targeted at Disney fans!

Cards Against Humanity is played with two kinds of cards — black and white. A player has a hand full of white cards that contain short phrases and tries to match them to black cards that contain sentences with one or more words missing. The Disney Expansion Pack of Cards Against Humanity contains 100 cards — 20 black and 80 white. For those of you who are curious about their contents but don’t want to purchase the expansion, we have reproduced its content here.

Black Cards

  • My favorite Disneyland attraction is the Hall of __________.
  • Rumor has it there’s __________ inside the Matterhorn.
  • Make Mine __________!
  • For your safety, remain seated with your seat belts fastened, keeping __________ inside the bobsled.
  • Captain EO? More like Captain __________.
  • __________ is a half-day attraction at best.
  • Is this haunted room actually __________?
  • Yo ho, yo ho, __________ for me!
  • Do you want to build __________?
  • Which would you choose: __________ or being stuck for an hour on __________?
  • What they need is an attraction based on __________.
  • How typical. __________ exits into __________.
  • They say “guest,” but what they mean is __________.
  • The Handsome Prince saved Snow White from death with __________.
  • The Three Cabilleros: Donald Duck, __________, and __________.
  • __________ is a wish your heart makes.
  • __________ is closed for refurbishment.
  • We spent all afternoon at __________’s lair on __________ Island.
  • We have 999 happy haunts, but there’s room for __________
  • Since when is __________ a Disney princess?

White Cards

  • Bambi’s mom
  • The frozen head of Walt Disney
  • Getting lost in a maze of utilidoors
  • Endlessly singing “Let It Go”
  • The tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
  • The ghost of the old lady that died in the Haunted Mansion
  • The happiest place on earth
  • Disney dollars
  • An enormous collection of theme park napkins
  • Hundreds of “it’s a small world” dolls
  • A churro
  • Renting a wheelchair you don’t need
  • A Disneyland character with its head off
  • Grim grinning ghosts
  • Gaston’s decorating
  • The original budget for California Adventure
  • Animatronic Abraham Lincoln
  • Walt Disney’s apartment
  • A magical day
  • Tinker Bell
  • Massive post-fireworks crowds
  • An abominable snowman named Harold
  • Your hands, arms, feet, and legs
  • A secret basketball court
  • Soap suds pretending to be snow
  • A novelty hat that you’re going to wear once and then stuff in a closet
  • Cruella de Ville’s tailor
  • Stroller parking
  • An emergency bathroom break
  • Imagineering
  • Fantasyland
  • Another damned hidden Mickey
  • The Dumbo queue
  • Fireworks
  • A child screaming its head off from overstimulation
  • A thematically related gift shop
  • Monorail Blue
  • A maniac in a motorized wheelchair
  • The Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland
  • Watching through a window as people make candy
  • Collectable pins
  • A Photopass photographer
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • A protein spill
  • Flash photography
  • Singing pirates
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • The Mexico pavilion
  • Overpriced crap
  • Making movies based on stories that are in the public domain
  • Aging Mouseketeers
  • Fanatical copyright lawyers
  • An unexpected soft opening
  • A commemorative window
  • A coonskin cap
  • Cartoons with racist subject matter
  • The Love Bug
  • Dinner at Club 33
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Mr. Incredible
  • The Primeval World Diorama
  • A drawer full of old ticket books
  • Main Street, U.S.A.
  • The back side of water
  • Slue Foot Sue’s Golden Horseshoe Review
  • Splash Mountain
  • Four fingers
  • An Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
  • Overpriced tickets
  • Michael Eisner
  • An expired FASTPASS
  • Spontaneously breaking into song
  • Whatever happened to Huey, Dewy, and Louie’s parents
  • Standing in line until your feet bleed
  • Peeing in the Knotts Berry Farm parking lot
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Pleasure Island
  • Indiana Jones’ gigantic ball
  • The wildest ride in the wilderness

By combining the cards, you can make some funny sentences. During playtesting, we came across a few we particularly enjoyed:

  • We have 999 happy haunts, but there’s room for the original budget for California Adventure.
  • Since when is the frozen head of Walt Disney a Disney princess?
  • Yo ho, yo ho, endlessly singing “Let It Go” for me!
  • Which would you choose: whatever happened to Huey, Dewy, and Louie’s parents or being stuck for an hour on Bambi’s mom?
  • They say “guest,” but what they mean is Disney dollars.

Even more combinations are possible when you mix the cards with those from the original game (which you need to own before purchasing the expansion). Here are the few we found that were inoffensive enough to publish:

  • I got 99 problems but a novelty hat that you’re going to wear once and then stuff in a closet ain’t one.
  • What ended my last relationship? Collectable pins
  • TSA guidelines now prohibit singing pirates on airplanes.
  • Hundreds of “it’s a small world” dolls. That’s how I want to die.
  • Overpriced crap is a slippery slope that leads to the Mexico pavilion.
  • Why am I so sticky? Soap suds pretending to be snow
  • A thematically related gift shop. It’s a trap!
  • Coming to Broadway this season, an abominable snowman named Harold: The Musical.
  • This is the way the world ends \ This is the way the world ends \ Not with a bang but with an expired FASTPASS.
  • A maniac in a motorized wheelchair + a child screaming its head off from overstimulation = the wildest ride in the wilderness.

Actual True Post: Disheard

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 has a new sister website — Disheard, your source for other people’s conversations and correspondence about all things Disney!

Disheard collects conversations overheard at Disney parks, as well as conversations related to anything Disney (movies, books, toys, etc.), no matter where they took place. It also collects actual postcards from people who visited the parks or had something to say about them.

If you have heard an entertaining conversation on Disney property or about something Disney related, now’s your chance to share it with the world! Use the Disheard submission form to send it in, and you may see it published online for the entertainment of Disney fans everywhere! (Real conversations only, please. It’s okay if you don’t remember the exact words, but no fair embellishing or making things up.)

Universal in Beijing

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

This week, Universal Studios announced that they will be opening a theme park in Beijing (Chinese for “Benji”), China. Here is everything you need to know about the announcement:

  • Disney owns Marvel and Universal Studios has the license to build Marvel-related theme park attractions, but not in China.
  • Disney doesn’t own Universal Studios.
  • Disney currently has no plans to purchase Universal Studios.
  • Disney will have a theme park in Shanghai, China in 2015.
  • Disney already has a theme  park in Hong Kong, which — according to China — is in China.
  • Therefore, logically, there is no need to mention this announcement ever, ever again.


Actual serious post: Missing Robin Williams

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Aladdin: What would you wish for?

Genie: Me? No one’s ever asked me that before. Well, in my case — oh, forget it.

Aladdin: What?

Genie: No, I can’t. I–

Aladdin: Come on, tell me.

Genie: [sigh] Freedom.

(We miss you, Robin, and hope you’re finally free.)


Saturday, June 28th, 2014

The folks over at Texts From Superheroes use some kind of secret proprietary technology to intercept text message conversations between super-powered, supernatural, legendary, or otherwise notably heroic or villainic individuals. We were pleased to learn that they had stumbled across a conversation between Disney-fan favorites the Rocketeer and Captain America. They were fabulous enough to allow us to reproduce it here:

Texts from Superheroes


Fascinating! Now if they can just catch the Falcon chatting with Condorman (or maybe Darkwing Duck and Howard the Duck), we’d really have something!

All eyes on WonderGround

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Starting this weekend, the WonderGround gallery at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney will begin selling a number of accessories to accentuate their fine-art offerings. For example, many guests find that the appearance of a $350 limited-edition Giclée print can be enhanced with a pair of $7 stick-on giant googly eyes.

The Bride (with eyes)

Other offerings include adapters that allow you to hang pictures at an angle, fish-filled novelty frames, and special non-staining “canvas chalk” so you can add your own improvements to your priceless artwork.

Googling Disney

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Ever wonder what other Disney fans are thinking? We do. To help us find out, we entered the names of various Disney-related characters, people, and places into Google to see what Google’s auto-complete feature suggested, based on the most popular searches. Here’s a sample of what we found:































Friday, November 29th, 2013

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, a day traditionally relegated to relaxing and eating leftovers. In keeping with the day, we are too relaxed to put together one of our normal, heavily researched posts. Instead, we will leave you with a bunch of words left over from work on previous posts and invite you to use them to create a new post of your own. Enjoy!

Word Leftovers: November 2013

Lingered, bunnies, deities, Mallard, Jungle, Company, rudest, Steamy, Fred, second, Tigger, construct, contemplation, Rico, Street, listened, NATO, Visicountess, the, primeval, Orleans, and, kiloton, De, Orwen, canoe, train, hastiest, worrying, Toad, cargo, skid, Bubbles, administration, juiciest, Scandinavians, flimsiest, Aristocats, Poland, Oliver, the, New, Pluto, bit, Clarabelle, Frog, settlement, Russian, ladder, Duck, Wen, Framed, Syndrome, Hood, stretched, Richard, rocks, and, The, gravestones, changed, Hong, Mermaid, Donald’s, archaeologists, toon, leader, Princess, Empire, plant, officially, purpose, disappeared, Hundred, Pride, visiting, consultants, commitment, Zurg, linger, The, Come, Bagheera, Range, carefree, presently, plump, caterpillars, foul, wisdom, Lieutenant, chute, Pacha, Honey, Little, Philip, of, thick, Hood, Orphan’s, elaborated, United, apartment, maintain, among, golden, year, Mediterranean, inn, imagineer, New, Piccolo, Tomorrowland, silliest, Wisconsin, playground, spunkiest, the, The, bankrupting, Mary, Dachshund, Ferdinand, Hercules, invisible, Queen, giant, Tree, dampest, Jets, Ray, Si, a, Kuala, hoses, Dixie, complain, Tantor, von, naughtiest, Bartholomew, and, Aladdin, cab, Jack, canniest, Chaplain, coupes, Willie, pushiest, Backwoods, the, Lima, Duck, Paulo, Lost, Silly, Blue, John, ducks, on, The, John, the, cheered, Kawena, madhouse, The, upgrade, Wonderland, Lemuria, Fantasia, Little, Babes, untamed, shiny, World, Bolt, fun, Jiminy, Princess, Mongolia, DuckTales, Vernal, Kingdom, toilet, the, lousiest, shuttle, Mozenrath, Framed, the, Ariel, eventually, Stitch, The, Spring, canyons, bungalow, Stitch, Dalmatians, flap, The, Pinocchio, rainbow, Tree, Beauty, Esmeralda, Dale, swiftest, the, King, the, Edna, the, Mother, treat, Bottom, in, Delhi, Under, Colonel, megabyte, Fiddler, roses, Rabbit, Company, sphere, victory, Brother, and, wardrobe, of, Jasper, Lady, and, Prudence, Cecil, The, magically, an, Detective, Drake, eliminate, view, snore, Davy, Rescuers, WrestleMania, consumption, bending, massive, enjoy, The, Ichabod, Cubby, work, Mittens, Red, and, culture, warriors, complained, and, in, dance, and, zaniest, vessel, the, Tron, Nephews, Broomsticks, lights, The, Tortoise, Abu, Frank, Mission, overgrown, Bucky, boatnik, The, subtlest, and, Dwarfs, meaning, feet, Li, Slim, vacuum, The, Tinker, populated, Hungary, wings, Psycho, the, Victorian, Wernher, flag, King, Sid, Smee, a, Rescuers, pickiest, Groundhog, different, The, Clemens, smallest, carriages, Range, moaned, The, steal, worry, Patrick’s, Republic, Islander, puffiest, destroy, Florida, Fenton, undaunted, paddles, star, on, meditation, Martin, toy, Switzerland, National, dared, Plane, Dallben, garden, gaudiest, Rocket, Symphonies, beauticians, bite, vulture, Country, Gurgi, Medicine, Billy, bar, Seven, sharp, and, Hamm, roadway, Buzzie, Shang, Donald, Bambi, tropical, Lumière, Roger, join, Rome, friendliest, Black, location, Lilo, the, newton, Scuttle, beds, the, The, Islands, Oregon, marsh, Toad, flumes, King, pens, site, The, of, Chief, Nicaraguan, Hundred, Through, dreamiest, muppet, stallions, Treasure, Le, industrious, The, conscience, invoke, The, Philip, Beary, Troubles, Birthday, Bambi, Fairies, through, rolling, Brother, Mouse, the, the, medieval, scan, hour, bulgiest, cared, Georgia, Skrull, study, New, prehistoric, The, chant, working summer as a costumed character as a violation of human rights, treasured, Oliver, the, Lady, missing, bulb, inks, DuckTales, peril, and, Hawkins, structures, pneumatic, England, Whitmore, Tank, skiing, Company, Meet, through, Tramp, palest, Baylene, Dumbo, stalagmites, Argentina, egghouse, goldfish, surgery, the, Chaca, Christmas, Pinocchio, Disney, Cauldron, branches, First, Hamsterviel, Snow, Honker, band, littlest, smiling, science, Ensign, One, Mumbai, Adventure, The, White, Peter, broken, pest, padawans, brattiest, groaned, Book, annoying, The, Chip, experience, arrived, discipline, Swedish, Disney, speedy, purest, Book, Robin, Cab, dug, Dinosaur, hands, spire, Cleo, Bulba, Dame, and, store, mouse, Nala, Hunchback, swords, Lost, Little, goofiest, vacuuming, reddest, World, Mermaid, The, Councilwoman, Turkey, acrobats, Goofy, Brother, and, hideaway, Election, style, potential, intercontinental, ethics, Company, view, long, the, leaving, Esmeralda, Aladdin, Crazy, Extremely, millirad, Lady, the, Lucky, soar, kites, Mrs., dowsing, authentic, baseballs, grid, and, sparkling, Fieldmouse, frowning, Dalmatians, Melvin, grotto, and, before, Leagues, Seven, Planet, Aires, Bunny, crocodile, Fox, chew, Stromboli, Exhibit, Who, embarked, the, bushel, Day, frightening, Stone, Binky, lounging, Mouse, Day, uncover, warn, Us, Aladdin, Buzz, horseshoe, unidentified, Jets, Book, Little, Jenny, butterfly, brand, seething, Horace, Asian, maps, pal, in, Miami, Little, prickliest, Duck, sensitivity, frizziest, El, Dumbo, Tanana, and, mangiest, sinks, Lady, Beast, Disney, quarterly, Mother, strangest, pacifiers, Darkwing, breads, cars, vocabulary, nonsensical, Skyway, Robinsons, Rabbit, Rapunzel, One, Fun, drama, Darling, Frou-Frou, Mother’s, Ancestor, Monday, The, game, Seven, pan, cheating, balls, Jack, Pocahontas, cross, Mole, Hunchback, annoy, cheeriest, White, Tramp, puniest, Solstice, The, remember, pound, toaster, Stupid, string, Hundred, elk, the, soppiest, Belle, Hood, Magica, queens, Hood, of, School, restaurant, Alice, Street, Range, Mirage, legend, Elvis, and, the, The, Robin, Egyptian, servants, bravest, Commander, porch, Piglet, pulsating, shareholders, snapshots, Halloween, Facilier, harpsichords, gravestone, son, Sheriff, Lady, investigate, Perdita, aboriginie, Home, Dumbo, and, gloves, Day, Walrus, Tree, shapeliest, over, Mickey, Atlantian, vultures, recruit, Bacon, of, Bambi’s, Ratigan, loathsomely, DuckTales, Thai, Seven, Hermes, Prince, Georgette, House, the, Pride, everlasting, DuckTales, and, aboard, fuzziest, disabled, Mayo, friend, Cove, The, Who, crimson, Eric, glasses, need, Scamp’s, Bones, Tremaine, The, Day, sweeping, Pope, destructible, bossiest, Honey, Thief, Dijon, chemistry, Vulture, Max, bend, the, Autopia, glue, tame, The, the, quarters, stormy, McDuck, vaquero, Dale, Fflewddur, Rabbit, dormant, cart, sanest, battle, outside, kittens, One, DuckTales, and, Circle, Fox, Journey, sail, bears, repurpose, dimes, cockatoos, Adventures, Bolt, cat, Fish, Algiers, of, Peter, metal, gabbiest, black, The, the, Hound, cry, feature, Lost, Johnson, Lilo, frowned, Robert, antagonists, Future, Bedknobs, King, The, shoot, round, General, Broomsticks, a, mischievous, Lachesis, satellites, a, Crockett, Elephant, weapons, the, Mulan, Arab, pins, sleepily, Tiger, the, Beauty, gloomiest, Earl, Robinsons, autonomy, Moley, environment, Robin, bumpiest, the, thwart, lantern, Iago, City, the, Richard, Aida, Thru, field, Amy, Emperor, Airstrip, Prince, Brother, and, complete, The, floating, Disney, Sword, escape, Vulcan, Ganges, José, a, want, heal, maddest, Uganda, and, Jamaica, supersonic, structure, J., Scat, Dreams, Washington’s, pearl, C., Adella, ghosts, Sparky, the, Japan, pianists, The, River, ceiling, Korean, scored, cubit, Yugoslavian, fairest, Duck, materialism, Baby, Seven, The, Snow, Hood, Christmas, dopiest, ancient, Mouse, splash, The, bony, stealthiest, electric, rescue, Cardassian, Pride, lush, hairiest, Princess, attitude, Queen, Independence, The, Bucky, Mouse, the, and, People’s, Bedknobs, Ned, Roo, improvised, Dr., gardens, misspell, Benji, Darkwing, Ronno, below, scrappiest, scaliest, Ub, The, the, camp, conflict, performed, dinner, discrimination, and, Treasure, Pocahontas, King, Demetrius, Castries, computer, a, Flight, screens, a, movies, John, One, fondest, white, Razoul, yearly, and, laughing, Dalmatians, Republic, Brother, Beast, Hathi, Detective, sea, degaussing, against, Bulldog, leaping, Symphonies, Jones, Range, a, guarantee, curses, Ichabod, Thaddeus, Alice, kneeled, Peter, Roscoe, ohm, dumplings, tanks, Tuck, Dame, wackiest, snowy, Beauty, Meet, update, watchful, Johnston, DuckTales, Oliver, seagulls, Dumbo, Laverne, dragons, Beast, lithest, King, plows, striking, sailors, Manor, performer, Hen, Boomer, Cousin, yard, control, the, Prince, Claude, unseen, Uncle, savage, fireplace, antique, seasonal, Three, awful, butterflies, bat, birds, servant, validity, Thumper, Drake, circus, hesitantly, captivate, photograph, magnet, energy, jar, Germany, hogshead, Tree, Toyland, and, eye, macaws, Duck, pencil, Juneteenth, laugh, Rescuers, rights, Bear, persons, tripped, replicas, Giles, Madellaine, Huey, Dwarfs, ballerinas, Merlin, hate, the, shifting, gram, Year’s, and, engineer, One, heffalump, Polish, Tivoli, Range, Steps, possession, morality, toboggans, Sarah, Lion, puncture, Lincoln’s, pioneers, Hearts, Meet, Disneyland, Solomon, Rhoda, bird, of, Movie, Incredible, Dumbo, mask, historic, Bear, sailed, Dendron, motivate, The, Doctor, Wolf, a, sheep, exposition, Mermaid, daughter, New, hatters, Who, lounge, scream, trim, Tweedledee, Carolina, stoves, New, need, Samoa, liter, thirstiest, heads, Sergeant, single, composer, Kentucky, Principal, stallion, Powhatan, Mississippi, adulthood, Hunchback, Kurt, Black, the, manager, Timon’s, reached, Sylvia, Fess, Babyface, rustic, Hundred, York, workshop, strict, motorcar, Dr., Egypt, Oswald, Cogsworth, in, Emperor’s, Duck, the, sign, Philoctetes, Dwarfs, dodged, poorest, George, careen, essence, prepare, Chicken, Washington,, gorillas, sinister, oppressing, crowns, murkiest, Pennsylvania, and, Alaska, Mahra, achievement, Kocoum, hopping, Suzanna, one back-side-of-water joke too many, shaved, Pakistani, overhead, Cyber, strike, Week, Fenner, carrousel, Enchanted, sails, jogged, relationships, Hare, guitarist, Meeko, a, The, Lion, Chef, Vincenzo, Canada, appraise, John, spout, Oliver, Beauty, zebra, Victor, The, Wise, Return, Kron, Lady, Fox, yell, foolish, Beauty, Troop, vines, Enchanted, drinking, juices, Montana, Eskimo, Cauldron, European, weapon, industriously, Series, Africa, quarter, Rosetta, Planet, confusing, Edward, regulate, the, decay, bow, Mouse, slept, canoes, Mouse, Hoonah, The, Princess, vendors, seafloor, Black, the, villa, Enchanted, quit, Nathaniel, Canada, Bird, boulevard, The, Extremely, book, Syrian, gondolas, Mike, Tommy, Café, Canyon, dictionary, Darkwing, critter, The, thirst, short, biggest, the, bring, and, Red, Governor, Rescuers, Girl, Ukraine, Cogsworth, President, laziest, of, Grandmother, Mr., eeriest, diamonds, plague, Mal, Sunday, Day, Deacon, inn, Sis, sofa, electron-volt, scenery, Emperor’s, creeping, quitting, blandest, Tramp, Siqiniq, Beast, capable, Harriss, hens, girls, Toulouse, Frog, Cubby, Christmas, Troop, fighting, nosiest, tires, Archimedes, States, moons, Arizona, Daisy, failing, Yao, choking, Bambi, Company, brightest, throw, to, Saludos, dashed, world, burned, remove, Wheezy, rails, Tigger, Hound, Women’s, Framed, tramp, Rescue, king, Brigham, delightful, Smart, Mouse, Litter, Dalmatians, Wise, the, The, Movie, amusing, The, Bears, Mouse, igloo, Hound, Kiev, Sherman, A, noses, Sheepdog, Gothel, arms, looked, brilliant, the, diagnose, banjo, the, Darkwing, United, Scar, waved, Jungle, Scandinavian, cakes, galloping, creaking, Flit, harmonious, contain, Dalmatians, scary, studio, Islamic, Home, jerkiest, The, motorways, Doc, Northern, Diablo, teaching, Winnie, Alice, and, TRON, descend, Rabbit, Treasure, on, crews, tonne, Gambia, LEGO, arrest, Hercules, walnut, Beast, experience, titan, Dinosaur, Pinocchio, pillaging, Dr., Movie, crystals, and, Robinsons, facility, runaway, rowdiest, whisper, Tom, war, tend, duck, independence, Day, a, Chippewa, souls, villains, archeological, crocodiles, Tokyo, Fairies, shaving, the, hard, Porter, Oz, the, busiest, vase, continuing, hokiest, moat, sky, The, Chilean, horseshoes, Broomsticks, Notre, amuse, dreamed, Joel, Bagheera, jester, Clubhouse, Benny, Clements, ribbon, worthiest, Springs, deliver, Dame, adopt, screen, Winnie, Attina, Land, Brother, singing, Mirror, Azerbaijan, Charming, the, flakiest, thickest, Aristocats, Willerstein, prop, the, crawl, Cauldron, Marty, Billy, stood, explorer, on, Mcduck, in, surreal, Cinderella, Great, Blackbeard, King, into, balloon, sparrows, Bigtime, Mexico, canopies, toboggan, Samoan, chicken, kingdom, vanished, house, minor, New, Max, Grand, depot, and, the, Pan, Nimnul, cans, Hercules, roll, Goldie, yard, Cinderella, mediate, Winnie, Tony, Bushroot, narrative, Duck, scathing, American, man, Company, Rwanda, people, Professor, legends, Toad, vest, ranger, George, Lil, the, Range, tiniest, mechanism, the, Pete, loveliest, plumber, Wookie, York, Stonehenge, the, roughest, General, Trolley, Clank, Nikita, the, Bear, Home, toucans, automobile, paddlewheel, One, Little, Day, booklet, positively, DuckTales, Company, Detective, Edgar, pollutant, gaze, obvious, glittering, Kronk, worried, descended, auditioned, Arrow, utilidors, Cat, Wendy, cheat, Stitch, Pinocchio, wait, nose, and, Salmonpants, Lumpy, humanity, screamed, Alexandria, Under, Lion, tourists, Robin, kilopound, Luxembourg, Symphonies, Pocahontas, peeled, possessions, pirate, Fawkes, Bobby, Harvey, Tito, Mr., Giselle, brainiest, helpless, Rabbit, boringly, teacher, install, Hundred, Book, Ellie, encounter, fussiest, nests, nostalgically, broil, Ringmaster, primeval, Toronto, aardvarks, twitchiest, individual, Max, on, Book, suing, chickens, The, Hercules, deer, animalistic, The, Ottawa, Horsecollar, depressing, supervise, sighed, Darling, Alice, June, Crane, point, biscuit, tallest, Majordomo, amplest, Wonderland, Boats, sleep, Georges, sky, Tremain, Chief, Fox, a, Adventures, democracy, juggle, Brasília, Proudbottom, winds, and, cabooses, A, the, photos, Range, Pakistan, present, angels, Tangled, robot, Aristocats, surrender, caboose, spirit, Abu, students, Senator, disarm, Mermaid, stayed, Fairies, targets, millivolt, Scar, Maggie, pictures, Uncle, island, Sea, hollow, Mrs., Winter, Frog, Little, Captain, writers, Pocahontas, Benefit, and, fakest, leapt, vilest, dragonslayers, whip, legendary, dissolving, Ridge, quirkiest, rose, acorns, Saint, Symphonies, pilfer, Nevada, DuckTales, Canadian, drunkest, the, The, guides, Tramp, Capitan, haunt, bathed, scenic, activate, Prague, Frog, piano, buoy, Rafiki, King, hurtle, Alan, Andreas, Rainbow, Beauty, paused, Gantu, Company, precision, The, cold, Beauty, Arthur, talking, Disney, Bambi, firework, objectivity, obtain, melted, smartest, Alice, Tramp, Princess, tastiest, robins, Kandor, One, King, thinnest, live, Flaversham, tire, Vulture, Viceroy, Captain, utilitarianism, Rescue, the, Wiggins, heliport, blasters, photo, Cruise, King, pans, Bambi, dads, doing, New, Chip, Trouillefou, deadest, Irvine, from, cheapest, Tod, Cinderella, Presidents, bagpipe, and, Aurora, Percival, Horseman, swept, Planet, Rocket, scare, drumming, and, breathed, Luke, Chair, Al, Mechanicles, untitled, The, Junior, widespread, the, Amos, Glomgold, studied, Robinsons, Zini, mutate, moan, noblest, frontier, the, Toyland, motors, Lillian, The, Sultan, Snow, dizziest, elongated, the, Wonderland, Badun, gags, Uncle, Mom, nod, Aladdin, teachers, Hyderabad, Reginald, Cab, of, Digger, the, massively, House, fascinating, Hunchback, wailed, caroler, Mother, Sleeping, Detective, invincible, melody, liveliest, seagull, joule, bits, jealously, Bradley, Taurus, Cluck, Rabbit, coach, up, The, temptingly, giddiest, oldest, Emperor’s, carve, China, in, Adventure, can, method, Hood, stretch, Duchess, the, DeBurne, nimblest, the place in Tomorrowland where the real Kennedy assassination movie is stored, vessels, goblins, store, university, angry, wake, rogue, Aunt, The, Sword, Peg, contact, Stefan, Robinsons, the, Meet, fail, Dumbo, Chernabog, Pelekai, The, Palm, The, classiest, lair, whirligig, planes, Abis, volunteer, brightly, Cricket, lonesome, Life,, skipper, oddly, sketchbooks, werewolf, chattered, Kay, Herman, clamor, Switzerland, of, change, transplant, Beauty, Featherduster, the, Mulan, Brussels, Home, Aladdin, churn, indoctrination, the, Pollyanna, Sleeping, grab, Panamanian, ghoul, and, steadiest, incorporate, enlisting, helicopter, White, elusive, Shan, Hunchback, canyon, Abidjan, Meet, Duke, teeth, chugging, passengers, archaeologist, Year’s, wonder, pigs, Ramone, TV, Prince, Tarzan, Groove, Rangers, Angeles, the, Pearl, awoke, Snoops, dig, Dutch, Manila, Knight, transport, crayon, Baroness, Hercules, the, Black, Dewey, Toad, slimmest, Brazil, Muddlefoot, orange, The, The, acted, analyze, Mara, unique, men, Norway, Day, The, fools, Honey, submarine, care, the, lakes, Kitty, Captain, flutes, grisly, Rosh, Lady, beams, a, understanding, privateer, animals, elegant, plantation, the, crib, things, and, Babette, Colonel, the, vanishing, Wonderland, around, Lebanon, snapped, Rasulo, streamlined, gushiest, skilled, train, entrance, Luther, big, 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minute, deity, padawan, Dumbo, Drake, Trigger, Winkie, robotic, Thieves, Symphonies, and, Home, forget, Arabia, Crocodile, rejoice, skinniest, Yale, Morgana, surf, person, talked, Amsterdam, Day, Pain, planet, crazy, Alice, the, Little, and, buccaneers, Rooney, Jacques, Mike, Little, All, wanton, Lady, Dale, Max, Itauntaun, protect, youth, secretly, Agent, Loosey, Winnie, eerily, Greyhawk, welcome, battery, in, Odie, dress, beautiful, Somalia, Kremlin, Mungo, turtles, decimeter, fattest, power, Belarus, adorn, wriggle, vengeful, Honey, Come, Emperor’s, willows, Inquisitor, mutated, pancake, Beauty, smokiest, beam, Magical, of, The, chubbiest, Princess, of, centimeter, dictionaries, The, cursed, Idaho, crisp, inflated, stalagmite, logs, leopard, a, Pinocchio, Peg, gender, Sea, boulder, Cinderella, temple, Kingdom, riverboats, John, Cameroon, Missouri, snails, kid, Bambi, the, a, Casey, Frog, bitterest, Derek, mutating, locomotive, whole, Pocahontas, Minsk, Great, wild, Book, boats, whispered, Malta, brawniest, caps, Eilonwy, giraffes, Aristocats, Darling, guiding, Mexico, weakest, wave, Hundred, Annette, sons, Day, guide, hold, Stone, Lady, greatest, dramatic, bulbs, thaw, Stitch, Jennifer, Asia, Bird, Hunchback, Nedakh, patch, Atka, Bahrain, inverted, board, of, Family, Aladdin, Winston, B.E.N., principle, Guinea, accurately, Year, Junior, evil, Ma, united, plunged, act, Adventure, Dhaka, Steve, Fox, growth, Headless, Tibbs, albino, reward, connect, Equatorial, in, slimiest, sit, portraits, of, Bambi, Home, skeletal, silhouettes, Clayton, grabbiest, roundly, Great, The, Singapore, crooning, Chip, toxic, Taj, feed, Nebraska, Bunny, Asgardian, ladybugs, celebrate, like, reluctant, Lady, Illinois, Beauty, Sir, Mouse, Who, nets, lake, Empire, Company, Lilo, Emperor’s, regional, Tantor, bowing, effect, pterodactyls, Main, acrobat, King, equipment, bullwhip, Friar, pit, the, sneakiest, Commander, Bolt, spines, snow, cheering, drabbest, ghost, whips, wolves, manliest, 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Actual True Post

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

The brilliant folks at Communicore Weekly have posted a new show in which they take a hard, critical look at our new book, 396 Pure, Unadulterated, Dyed-in-the-Wool, 100% Made-up, Completely Fake Disneyland “Facts”. You should give them a listen on YouTube or via podcast.

Then go buy our book. Because we need the money to go to Disneyland. And they need our support. Probably.