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Toy Story, The Musical

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Guests on the Disney Cruse Line ship Disney Wonder will soon be able to enjoy Toy Story live on stage as a fully realized musical! Many viewers were disappointed that the characters in the original Toy Story movie did not sing, so in this production, Buzz (for example) will sing along with Randy Newman’s delightful “sailing” balad as he dives off a banister and breaks his arm off. It should be a treat for the whole family!

Update: We’ve just learned that, to correspond with the upcoming rerelease of the Toy Story movies, Toy Story, The Musical will be performed entirely in 3D!

Ship Shape

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Last Thursday, Jay Rasulo (a Disney employee) announced that the Disney Cruise Line would be adding three new ships to its fleet over the coming years. The first, Disney Cabillero will launch in 2010 and carry passengers to ports in Mexico. Soon after that, in 2011, Disney’s Black Pearl will begin tours of the Caribbean. But most surprising of all, the Steamboat Willie will begin carrying passengers up and down the Mississippi in 2009, treating them to a Mark-Twain-Style voyage complete with boyish adventure and enforced cigar smoking for gentlemen.