Increased ticket prices a boon for social media

Over the weekend, Disney increased ticket prices for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. “It’s a tradition,” says self-appointed Disney history historian Ferdinand Bullworth. “It stems from Walt Disney’s nostalgic rememberings of his local movie theater raising their movie prices every year. The company’s decision to continue that tradition is yet another wonderful link to the yesteryear of Walt’s youth.”

Continuing tradition is only one benefit of the annual price increase. “For all of my friends in the Disney fan and blogging community, it saves us a lot of work,” says PrincesMickey1955 via misdirected text message. “Every year, we just dust off our rants and complaints about not being able to afford to visit parks and Disney no longer caring for the average visitor, update the numbers, and re-post them to Facebook, our blogs, Twitter — everywhere. It’s like a little vacation so we can do some extra shopping for Valentines Day. Thanks Disney!”

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