Upcoming Disney Westerns

Today, Disney may have announced that their animation department is in production on a number of new western-themed shorts films starring classic Disney characters. “As recent western films have shown,” said a person we overheard somewhere important, “there have been no quality recent western films, and the all-time number of western-themed animated films can be counted on one fist full of dollars.”

Disney’s slate of western cartoons — slated to be shown before upcoming Disney features — will be as follows:

  • “Butch Mickey and the Duckdance Kid”
  • “Pie Fight at the O.K. Corral”
  • “Paint Your Little Red Wagon”
  • “A Man Called Horsecollar”
  • “The Lone Junior Woodchuck”
  • “Pluto Unchained”
  • “Toonstone” (title changed from “High Toon” due to concerns about implications of drug use)
  • “The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy”
  • “Dances with Big, Bad Wolves”
  • “The Magnificent Seven Dwarfs”

If these are successful, Disney will follow with a series of science-fiction shorts, bridged by a sci-fi/western production, “Frontierlandworld.”

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