Postcard: Reliving the “good old days”



Florida is great. Had agood flight and am staying at a beautiful Hotel. Saw Disney today Hope to see some of Florida tomorrow then back to Disney etc. Hope it warms up enough to see the pool. Coed at night. Better than snow here

Bob & Elain

When the author mentions seeing Disney, it isn’t clear who is meant. Both Walt and Roy died before 1978, so it must have been either one of the Disney children or a ghost (probably of Roy, since Walt tends to haunt in California).

The reference to the hotel pool being coed at night might seem unusual to modern readers, but until 1980 all Disney World pools were separated by gender until night time, during which hours coed bathing was allowed but children were banned from the area. Also, full-body swimsuits were required until 1985 (which in itself was an improvement from the original 1971 policy, which required bathers to remain in their street clothes).

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