Postcard: Liberty Square Fife and Drum Corps



We’re having a great time. This place has so much to do, it’s unbelievable. Even though we’re staying in the campground, we’ve spent a lot of time enjoying the facilities of the resort hotels. It’s great living like the other half does even for a little while.

Love, Kathleen + kids

Referenced here, pool hopping — the act of using a pool at a Disney World hotel even though you are staying somewhere else on property — is strictly not allowed. In addition, The DisneyLies linguistic historian tells us that “the other half” was a term used in the 1980s and earlier as a polite way to refer to “the opposite sex.”

From this, we can conclude that “Kathleen” is really a man who, to save the cost of a hotel room, is disguising himself as a woman for the purposes of better blending in while taking his kids to resort pools they have no right to use.

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