Postcard: Cinderella Castle


The plane ride was great!

Dear Dick, Linda

A Girls. This is absolutely great. The weather is cool but we are tolerating it. We’ve gone to Silver Springs and to Disney twice. It is like nothing we’ve seen. Ronnie + Pam saw Nicholas on Eight is Enough. We’ve taken a lot of pictures with the characters. I’m having a ball — maybe more fun than the kids. See you soon.

Ronnie, Patty + Pan

The psychology of people on vacation is fascinating. Note the following:

  • The massive lack of grammar, context, and intelligibility in the first sentence, “A Girls.”
  • The writer is so unsure what to be excited about that s/he is thrilled that two members of their party saw a character while they were watching a television show.
  • The other people they went on the trip with are referred to not by name but collectively as “the characters.”
  • The writer thinks that Disney World is more fun than having children (to be fair, this may indeed be the case).

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