Postcard: Welcome to the Magic Kingdom


hi, Low & Lee!

We’re having the most wonderful time & enjoying 90° weather! We’ve been as busy, with so many different things to do! We spent the whole day in Disneyworld today & had so much [illebigle] Tomorrow we’re going swimming & then back to Disneyworld again. [illegible] to have to come home. [illegible].

See you real soon.

Charlene & Norm

At one time, the postal service tried to protect readers from potentially objectionable content by stamping over anything that might offend delicate sensibilities. If you were able to read the portions of this card marked “illegible” (as we, with the help of the DisneyLies forensic team’s teenage-boy-style imaginations, were able to do), you would definitely see why they were obscured. Really obscene. Particularly the first one. Ew!

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