Find your official Disney animated character name!

Thinking up new names for characters all the time is a lot of work. For that reason, Disney has a simple system of assigning names to new characters, based on the name and birth date of the voice actor who will portray the characters. If you were a Disney voice actor, you’d find the name of your character by following the following steps:

  1. Think about your birth month and year. Are they odd or even numbers? Based on this, go to the indicated name table:
    • If your month and year are both even, go to Table 1
    • If your month is even but your year is odd, go to Table 2
    • If your month is odd but your year is even, go to Table 3
    • If your month and year are both odd, go to Table 4
    • If you are not sure if your numbers are even or odd, go to Grade School
  2. On the inidcated table, find the item in the Firt Name section that’s labeled with your first initial. This item is your character’s first name.
  3. On the same table, find the item in the Last Name section that’s labeled with your last initial. This item is your character’s last name.
  4. Put the first and last name together and you have your official Disney character name!

For example, let’s say your birthday is November 18, 1928 and your initials are "M. M." Your birth month is odd (November = 11) and your birth year is even, so you would go to Table 3.

Finding "M" under "First Name" on Table 3, we see your character’s first name is "Mickey." Finding your last name’s initial (also "M") under "Last Name," we see your character’s last name is "Mouse." Therefore, in this example your official Disney character name is Mickey Mouse! (Your character won’t always have the same initials as you — this was just a lucky, purely random and unforseeable coincidence.)

Now go and try it with your own name. It’s fun!

Table 1 (both even)

First Name    Last Name
A) Snow N) Robin A) the Cab N) Rabbit
B) Walt O) Br’er B) White O) Bubbles
C) Benny P) Wreck-It C) Bear P) Apprentice
D) Emperor Q) King D) Fairy Q) Jasmine
E) Alfredo R) Tiger E) Al R) Triton
F) Madam S) Sheriff of F) Louie S) Skellington
G) Michael T) Cheshire G) McQueen T) Cluck
H) Mr. U) José H) Mother U) Horsecollar
I) Yen V) Sir I) -man V) the Pooh
J) Lucifer W) Jack J) Lightyear W) Hearts
K) Little X) Tow K) Lasseter X) Von Drake
L) Colonel Y) Princess L) Dog Y) Pig
M) Lady Z) Sheriff M) the First Z) Sid

Table 2 (month even, year odd)

First Name    Last Name
A) Scrooge N) Cruella A) Rider N) Doom
B) Luxo O) The Magic B) Linguini O) Smee
C) Peg-Leg P) Tweedle- C) Pan P) Wazowski
D) Mad Q) John D) Little Q) Hook
E) Shere R) Launchpad E) Robin R) Jr.
F) Minnie S) Peter F) Mode S) Pelekai
G) Wendy T) March G) Willow T) McQuack
H) Oswald U) P.T. H) of the Forest U) O’Malley
I) Stinky V) Mike I) John V) Mirror
J) Judge W) Fix-It J) Horseman W) Flea
K) Captain X) Black K) Carpet X) Bell
L) Horace Y) Big L) Hatter Y) Bear
M) Cobra Z) Ludwig M) Disney Z) Lily

Table 3 (month odd, year even)

First Name    Last Name
A) Casey N) Sofia A) Charming N) the Cat
B) J. Thaddeus O) Madame B) Hawkins O) Mater
C) Great Prince P) Chicken C) Godmother P) Cow
D) Winnie Q) The D) Zurg Q) the Frog
E) White R) Darkwing E) Woody R) Duck
F) Jim S) Jiminy F) Hiss S) Hood
G) Clara T) Grandmother G) -dum T) Gearloose
H) Slinky U) Tinker H) Sparrow U) Tuck
I) Prince V) Psycho I) Pete V) Potato Head
J) Baby W) The Queen of J) Bad Wolf W) the Weasel
K) Lilo X) Oogie K) Khan X) Nottingham
L) Magic Y) Jessica L) the Lucky Rabbit Y) -dee
M) Mickey Z) Daisy M) Mouse Z) Dragon

Table 4 (both odd)

First Name    Last Name
A) The Reluctant N) Fairy A) Toad N) Felix
B) Kermit O) Lots-O’-Huggin’ B) Incredible O) Leota
C) Clarabelle P) Carl C) de Vil P) Caterpillar
D) Mrs. Q) Headless D) Hathi Q) Mim
E) The King of R) Donald E) McDuck R) Darling
F) Friar S) Flynn F) Fredricksen S) Fox
G) Blue T) Condor G) Boogie T) Witch
H) Bambi’s U) Lightning H) Bart U) Junior
I) Captain Jack V) Practical I) Cat V) Pete
J) Sorcerer’s W) Edna J) Herman W) Eisner
K) Roger X) Gyro K) Ralph X) Hare
L) Queen Y) Christopher L) Potts Y) Cricket
M) Thomas Z) Buzz M) Tremaine Z) Carioca

What was your official character name? Let us know!

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