Postcard: Matterhorn — Tomorrowland


Dear Mil,

we went here yesterday + had a ball for little money we saw the home of tomorrow which was mostly made of plastic, went in the Jungle rid + monorail. The main-street was 1900, everything in 5/8 scale. Saw Indian dances, Tom Sawyers Island and much mor. also went to Marineland where trained Whales, seals etc perform. off to San Diego tomorrow.

Love Peggy

A partial list of the errors in this bit of correspondence:

  • Nobody since the beginning of time has ever gone to Disneyland “for little money.” Not even if they worked there.
  • It’s not “home of tomorrow,” it’s “Monsanto House of the Future.”
  • It’s not “mostly made of plastic,” according to park literature, the MHotF was “made of mankind’s hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow” and fiberglass.
  • 1900 what? Feet long? Dollars? It’s just not clear.
  • If everything was 5/8 scale, you wouldn’t be able to get into the vehicles and you’d smack your head on every doorway and lamppost.
  • It’s Tom Sawyer Island. Come on, people.
  • They didn’t go to Marineland. Nobody did. That’s why it closed.
  • “Love Peggy” is an imperative statement, and although possibly a nice thought or sentiment, is hardly appropriate as a salutation.

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