Postcard: Sleeping Mark Jungle Tomorrowland


Having a wonderful time here Daddy is as brown as a bunny & enjoying every menuti. Was at the’s place on Sunday with Candy & Ron. Daddy led not go. As there is to much walkint but I had a good time. The weather is something to Asian about home the work to Ascafs in the 80 will be home as the 27th of this month

Love to all Mum + Dad

“Every menuti?” “Daddy led not go?” Four pictures on the postcard to discuss, and they instead opt for near-complete incomprehensibility. It approaches unbelievability that it actually took two people to write this.

2 Responses to “Postcard: Sleeping Mark Jungle Tomorrowland”

  1. Brian says:

    I agree it’s poorly written, but I think it deciphers to read: “Daddy did not go as there is too much walking, but I had a good time. The weather is something to dream about. Here the temp today is in the 80s.”

  2. Liar says:

    That does make a bit more sense. Perhaps we should take a refresher course in handwriting deciphering?

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