Postcard: Sleeping Beauty Castle – Fantasyland (revisited)

Horse car postcard

Grandpa and I rode in this horse car today. The horses hoofs went “clop-clop-clop.” The bell went “clang-clang”. Each of us had to pay 10 cents.


Isn’t this an adorable card? It sure seems like it until you discover, as our crack team of researchers did, that the grandchild Grandma is writing to a) is 27 years old, and b) had his reading skills severely challenged by this note.

By the way, for those of you who are planning a visit to the park, you should be aware that “horse car” ride prices have actually gone down approximately 100% since this postcard was written. (On the other hand, park admission prices have gone up some 1,200%, which takes a little bit of the joy out of the free horse-car ride.)

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