Request from a reader

At, we frequently receive e-mails from people with Disney-related websites who want us to promote their online presence to our copious bounty of readers. So it was with great surprise that we received an e-mail from Mike “Wazowski” Roberts, which read something like nothing like this:

Dear people at You are brilliant and intelligent and I have committed myself to naming all my future offspring after you, but today I am contacting you about another issue entirely.

I have a new website called that, despite the name, is intended to act somewhat as a hub of information on Walt Disney World vacations. I am hoping that you could assist me by asking your readers to completely ignore my page as if it didn’t even exist. You see, it is so incredibly full of useful information that I am currently swamped by traffic. Lesson learned: I should have set up some kind of server to handle page requests instead of typing them in by hand, on demand, in real time.

Please do not link to my page. That would kind of defeat the purpose. Also, please let me know where to send you a pile of money.

We did not take any money from Mike (if that’s his real name), largely because he didn’t actually offer us any. Even so, we are more than happy to pass along the above message as if he wrote it himself.

If you have a Disney-related website that you would like us to mention on this blog, please feel free to write to us about it. We can’t say what will happen after that, but we would love to hear from you.

Update: We had to edit the page to repair the horribly incorrect URL that used to be here and to correctly spell “promote” which had been autocorrected to “kiss up to like Eisner’s closest coworker.”

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