Edison Square: “Ice Ice Lady”

I know it’s a last-minute notice, but at tonight’s show in Anaheim Edison Square is going to premiere their new song — a tribute to Frozen! Lyrics follow so you can sing along:

“Ice Ice Lady”
(Apologies to Vanilla Ice)

Yo, gloves off
Let’s kick it!

Ice ice baby, ice ice baby
Story starts, something you oughta know, man,
Sister Anna wants to build a snow man.
Sister Ella just keeps her door closed,
With their parents being total no-shows.
Is she coming out? Yo — she won’t say,
Not ’till coronation day.
That’s when they finally let the castle gates open,
But the party doesn’t go like Anna’s hopin’.

Dance, with just one guy at the ball,
A model of a modern major general.
Problem, Ella gets in a major snit,
Blows her cool like a fool an’ she starts freezing shit.
Can’t understand it, why she ran away,
The queen may be a monster, that’s what they say.
The fjord’s frozen over, winter caused it,
Ella and Anna should talk and resolve it.

Ice ice lady
The queen’s an ice ice lady
Covered in ice ice baby
That wasn’t nice nice lady
The queen is.

Now that the summer is slumpin’,
All the snow falls down and the icecicles jumpin’.
Out in the wild Ella’s made a castle,
From solid ice, it’s a major hassle.
Hiding there because she needs no man,
Although she made a sun-loving snow man.
By now Ella’s teamed up with an ice man,
Kristoff who talks for his pal reindeer, Sven.
Race on his sled through the snow,
‘Cause the wolves will get them if they’re too slow.
They get to El’s place, she ices their face,
Did they stop? No – they’re on the case.
Anna got an ice pop on her heart,
She needs some major love or the thing just won’t start
And she’ll drop dead.
Yo – so they hoofed it all the way back to Arendelle.
The whole place was still all frozen over,
Ella needed a kiss from her lover.
Hans is the guy who’s running the town,
Says he loves Anna but he just wants the crown.
He is glad just to let her die,
If it weren’t frozen up he’d go to Hell and fry.
Anna had to leave him cold,
And find true love like a story of old.
Kristoff came running flat-out fast,
Worked up like a prince from the past.
Hans has a sword ’cause he’s still not dead,
Messing with Ella so he can cut off her head.
Anna’s on the scene, her fiancé’s mean,
She stopped his sword ’cause that’s what sister love means.
If ice was a problem, Yo, she solved it
Too bad her heart left her body froze solid.

Ice ice lady
Anna’s an ice ice lady
Body of ice ice baby
That isn’t nice nice lady
So frozen.

Chill out, I’m not a gothical poet,
Everything turns out fine just in case you didn’t know it.
Their town, that had turned into an ice tomb,
Got sunnied up and avoided its doom.
‘Cause the spell was broke by Anna’s deed,
Proving that sister love is all that you need.
You don’t need a prince, this is a hell of a concept
They found a cure without a true love’s kiss.
Kristoff turned out fine, he got a new sleigh,
Olaf gets his own cloud so he won’t melt but he looks dumb;
And Hans doesn’t die ’cause there’s nothing to fall from.
Ella’s composed and the townfolk love her,
Because they know their queen is one cool mother.
The end of the story, Yo – that does it.
I wonder if H.C.A.’d even know it.

Ice ice city
Town turned to ice ice baby
By the nice ice ice lady
You now that nice ice snowman
Chill Olaf

Yo, man, let’s skate out of here. Word to Grandma in Narnia.

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