Liefacts: Mulan

  • The ancient Chinese story that served as the basis for Mulan was also the inspiration for the Marilyn Monroe feature Some Like It Hot.
  • Because she is not royalty, Mulan is not an official Disney princess. She is, however, an honorary princess, much like Jessica Rabbit and The Mad Hatter.
  • A cricket was featured in the film because in China it is considered good luck to not eat one.
  • Mulan was not the first Disney feature about cross dressing. That honor belongs to 1959’s The Shaggy Dog.
  • After the film’s release there was some disappointment in the more “politically correct” areas of Hollywood that the actors cast for various parts in the film did not more close match their character’s ethnic origins. For example, Mushu — a dragon — was voiced by Eddie Murphy — a comedian. Disney did not move forward with the precedent set in Pocahontas in which the character of Meeko was voiced by an actual raccoon.
  • Mulan was originally given a “15” rating in Great Britain because of “a depiction of excessive numbers of nude adults in a children’s film.”
  • For the year after Mulan was released, Tinker Bell in the nightly Disneyland fireworks display was replaced by a mannequin of Shan Yu, which was gloriously detonated during the fireworks finale.


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