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Friday, November 29th, 2013

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, a day traditionally relegated to relaxing and eating leftovers. In keeping with the day, we are too relaxed to put together one of our normal, heavily researched posts. Instead, we will leave you with a bunch of words left over from work on previous posts and invite you to use them to create a new post of your own. Enjoy!

Word Leftovers: November 2013

Lingered, bunnies, deities, Mallard, Jungle, Company, rudest, Steamy, Fred, second, Tigger, construct, contemplation, Rico, Street, listened, NATO, Visicountess, the, primeval, Orleans, and, kiloton, De, Orwen, canoe, train, hastiest, worrying, Toad, cargo, skid, Bubbles, administration, juiciest, Scandinavians, flimsiest, Aristocats, Poland, Oliver, the, New, Pluto, bit, Clarabelle, Frog, settlement, Russian, ladder, Duck, Wen, Framed, Syndrome, Hood, stretched, Richard, rocks, and, The, gravestones, changed, Hong, Mermaid, Donald’s, archaeologists, toon, leader, Princess, Empire, plant, officially, purpose, disappeared, Hundred, Pride, visiting, consultants, commitment, Zurg, linger, The, Come, Bagheera, Range, carefree, presently, plump, caterpillars, foul, wisdom, Lieutenant, chute, Pacha, Honey, Little, Philip, of, thick, Hood, Orphan’s, elaborated, United, apartment, maintain, among, golden, year, Mediterranean, inn, imagineer, New, Piccolo, Tomorrowland, silliest, Wisconsin, playground, spunkiest, the, The, bankrupting, Mary, Dachshund, Ferdinand, Hercules, invisible, Queen, giant, Tree, dampest, Jets, Ray, Si, a, Kuala, hoses, Dixie, complain, Tantor, von, naughtiest, Bartholomew, and, Aladdin, cab, Jack, canniest, Chaplain, coupes, Willie, pushiest, Backwoods, the, Lima, Duck, Paulo, Lost, Silly, Blue, John, ducks, on, The, John, the, cheered, Kawena, madhouse, The, upgrade, Wonderland, Lemuria, Fantasia, Little, Babes, untamed, shiny, World, Bolt, fun, Jiminy, Princess, Mongolia, DuckTales, Vernal, Kingdom, toilet, the, lousiest, shuttle, Mozenrath, Framed, the, Ariel, eventually, Stitch, The, Spring, canyons, bungalow, Stitch, Dalmatians, flap, The, Pinocchio, rainbow, Tree, Beauty, Esmeralda, Dale, swiftest, the, King, the, Edna, the, Mother, treat, Bottom, in, Delhi, Under, Colonel, megabyte, Fiddler, roses, Rabbit, Company, sphere, victory, Brother, and, wardrobe, of, Jasper, Lady, and, Prudence, Cecil, The, magically, an, Detective, Drake, eliminate, view, snore, Davy, Rescuers, WrestleMania, consumption, bending, massive, enjoy, The, Ichabod, Cubby, work, Mittens, Red, and, culture, warriors, complained, and, in, dance, and, zaniest, vessel, the, Tron, Nephews, Broomsticks, lights, The, Tortoise, Abu, Frank, Mission, overgrown, Bucky, boatnik, The, subtlest, and, Dwarfs, meaning, feet, Li, Slim, vacuum, The, Tinker, populated, Hungary, wings, Psycho, the, Victorian, Wernher, flag, King, Sid, Smee, a, Rescuers, pickiest, Groundhog, different, The, Clemens, smallest, carriages, Range, moaned, The, steal, worry, Patrick’s, Republic, Islander, puffiest, destroy, Florida, Fenton, undaunted, paddles, star, on, meditation, Martin, toy, Switzerland, National, dared, Plane, Dallben, garden, gaudiest, Rocket, Symphonies, beauticians, bite, vulture, Country, Gurgi, Medicine, Billy, bar, Seven, sharp, and, Hamm, roadway, Buzzie, Shang, Donald, Bambi, tropical, Lumière, Roger, join, Rome, friendliest, Black, location, Lilo, the, newton, Scuttle, beds, the, The, Islands, Oregon, marsh, Toad, flumes, King, pens, site, The, of, Chief, Nicaraguan, Hundred, Through, dreamiest, muppet, stallions, Treasure, Le, industrious, The, conscience, invoke, The, Philip, Beary, Troubles, Birthday, Bambi, Fairies, through, rolling, Brother, Mouse, the, the, medieval, scan, hour, bulgiest, cared, Georgia, Skrull, study, New, prehistoric, The, chant, working summer as a costumed character as a violation of human rights, treasured, Oliver, the, Lady, missing, bulb, inks, DuckTales, peril, and, Hawkins, structures, pneumatic, England, Whitmore, Tank, skiing, Company, Meet, through, Tramp, palest, Baylene, Dumbo, stalagmites, Argentina, egghouse, goldfish, surgery, the, Chaca, Christmas, Pinocchio, Disney, Cauldron, branches, First, Hamsterviel, Snow, Honker, band, littlest, smiling, science, Ensign, One, Mumbai, Adventure, The, White, Peter, broken, pest, padawans, brattiest, groaned, Book, annoying, The, Chip, experience, arrived, discipline, Swedish, Disney, speedy, purest, Book, Robin, Cab, dug, Dinosaur, hands, spire, Cleo, Bulba, Dame, and, store, mouse, Nala, Hunchback, swords, Lost, Little, goofiest, vacuuming, reddest, World, Mermaid, The, Councilwoman, Turkey, acrobats, Goofy, Brother, and, hideaway, Election, style, potential, intercontinental, ethics, Company, view, long, the, leaving, Esmeralda, Aladdin, Crazy, Extremely, millirad, Lady, the, Lucky, soar, kites, Mrs., dowsing, authentic, baseballs, grid, and, sparkling, Fieldmouse, frowning, Dalmatians, Melvin, grotto, and, before, Leagues, Seven, Planet, Aires, Bunny, crocodile, Fox, chew, Stromboli, Exhibit, Who, embarked, the, bushel, Day, frightening, Stone, Binky, lounging, Mouse, Day, uncover, warn, Us, Aladdin, Buzz, horseshoe, unidentified, Jets, Book, Little, Jenny, butterfly, brand, seething, Horace, Asian, maps, pal, in, Miami, Little, prickliest, Duck, sensitivity, frizziest, El, Dumbo, Tanana, and, mangiest, sinks, Lady, Beast, Disney, quarterly, Mother, strangest, pacifiers, Darkwing, breads, cars, vocabulary, nonsensical, Skyway, Robinsons, Rabbit, Rapunzel, One, Fun, drama, Darling, Frou-Frou, Mother’s, Ancestor, Monday, The, game, Seven, pan, cheating, balls, Jack, Pocahontas, cross, Mole, Hunchback, annoy, cheeriest, White, Tramp, puniest, Solstice, The, remember, pound, toaster, Stupid, string, Hundred, elk, the, soppiest, Belle, Hood, Magica, queens, Hood, of, School, restaurant, Alice, Street, Range, Mirage, legend, Elvis, and, the, The, Robin, Egyptian, servants, bravest, Commander, porch, Piglet, pulsating, shareholders, snapshots, Halloween, Facilier, harpsichords, gravestone, son, Sheriff, Lady, investigate, Perdita, aboriginie, Home, Dumbo, and, gloves, Day, Walrus, Tree, shapeliest, over, Mickey, Atlantian, vultures, recruit, Bacon, of, Bambi’s, Ratigan, loathsomely, DuckTales, Thai, Seven, Hermes, Prince, Georgette, House, the, Pride, everlasting, DuckTales, and, aboard, fuzziest, disabled, Mayo, friend, Cove, The, Who, crimson, Eric, glasses, need, Scamp’s, Bones, Tremaine, The, Day, sweeping, Pope, destructible, bossiest, Honey, Thief, Dijon, chemistry, Vulture, Max, bend, the, Autopia, glue, tame, The, the, quarters, stormy, McDuck, vaquero, Dale, Fflewddur, Rabbit, dormant, cart, sanest, battle, outside, kittens, One, DuckTales, and, Circle, Fox, Journey, sail, bears, repurpose, dimes, cockatoos, Adventures, Bolt, cat, Fish, Algiers, of, Peter, metal, gabbiest, black, The, the, Hound, cry, feature, Lost, Johnson, Lilo, frowned, Robert, antagonists, Future, Bedknobs, King, The, shoot, round, General, Broomsticks, a, mischievous, Lachesis, satellites, a, Crockett, Elephant, weapons, the, Mulan, Arab, pins, sleepily, Tiger, the, Beauty, gloomiest, Earl, Robinsons, autonomy, Moley, environment, Robin, bumpiest, the, thwart, lantern, Iago, City, the, Richard, Aida, Thru, field, Amy, Emperor, Airstrip, Prince, Brother, and, complete, The, floating, Disney, Sword, escape, Vulcan, Ganges, José, a, want, heal, maddest, Uganda, and, Jamaica, supersonic, structure, J., Scat, Dreams, Washington’s, pearl, C., Adella, ghosts, Sparky, the, Japan, pianists, The, River, ceiling, Korean, scored, cubit, Yugoslavian, fairest, Duck, materialism, Baby, Seven, The, Snow, Hood, Christmas, dopiest, ancient, Mouse, splash, The, bony, stealthiest, electric, rescue, Cardassian, Pride, lush, hairiest, Princess, attitude, Queen, Independence, The, Bucky, Mouse, the, and, People’s, Bedknobs, Ned, Roo, improvised, Dr., gardens, misspell, Benji, Darkwing, Ronno, below, scrappiest, scaliest, Ub, The, the, camp, conflict, performed, dinner, discrimination, and, Treasure, Pocahontas, King, Demetrius, Castries, computer, a, Flight, screens, a, movies, John, One, fondest, white, Razoul, yearly, and, laughing, Dalmatians, Republic, Brother, Beast, Hathi, Detective, sea, degaussing, against, Bulldog, leaping, Symphonies, Jones, Range, a, guarantee, curses, Ichabod, Thaddeus, Alice, kneeled, Peter, Roscoe, ohm, dumplings, tanks, Tuck, Dame, wackiest, snowy, Beauty, Meet, update, watchful, Johnston, DuckTales, Oliver, seagulls, Dumbo, Laverne, dragons, Beast, lithest, King, plows, striking, sailors, Manor, performer, Hen, Boomer, Cousin, yard, control, the, Prince, Claude, unseen, Uncle, savage, fireplace, antique, seasonal, Three, awful, butterflies, bat, birds, servant, validity, Thumper, Drake, circus, hesitantly, captivate, photograph, magnet, energy, jar, Germany, hogshead, Tree, Toyland, and, eye, macaws, Duck, pencil, Juneteenth, laugh, Rescuers, rights, Bear, persons, tripped, replicas, Giles, Madellaine, Huey, Dwarfs, ballerinas, Merlin, hate, the, shifting, gram, Year’s, and, engineer, One, heffalump, Polish, Tivoli, Range, Steps, possession, morality, toboggans, Sarah, Lion, puncture, Lincoln’s, pioneers, Hearts, Meet, Disneyland, Solomon, Rhoda, bird, of, Movie, Incredible, Dumbo, mask, historic, Bear, sailed, Dendron, motivate, The, Doctor, Wolf, a, sheep, exposition, Mermaid, daughter, New, hatters, Who, lounge, scream, trim, Tweedledee, Carolina, stoves, New, need, Samoa, liter, thirstiest, heads, Sergeant, single, composer, Kentucky, Principal, stallion, Powhatan, Mississippi, adulthood, Hunchback, Kurt, Black, the, manager, Timon’s, reached, Sylvia, Fess, Babyface, rustic, Hundred, York, workshop, strict, motorcar, Dr., Egypt, Oswald, Cogsworth, in, Emperor’s, Duck, the, sign, Philoctetes, Dwarfs, dodged, poorest, George, careen, essence, prepare, Chicken, Washington,, gorillas, sinister, oppressing, crowns, murkiest, Pennsylvania, and, Alaska, Mahra, achievement, Kocoum, hopping, Suzanna, one back-side-of-water joke too many, shaved, Pakistani, overhead, Cyber, strike, Week, Fenner, carrousel, Enchanted, sails, jogged, relationships, Hare, guitarist, Meeko, a, The, Lion, Chef, Vincenzo, Canada, appraise, John, spout, Oliver, Beauty, zebra, Victor, The, Wise, Return, Kron, Lady, Fox, yell, foolish, Beauty, Troop, vines, Enchanted, drinking, juices, Montana, Eskimo, Cauldron, European, weapon, industriously, Series, Africa, quarter, Rosetta, Planet, confusing, Edward, regulate, the, decay, bow, Mouse, slept, canoes, Mouse, Hoonah, The, Princess, vendors, seafloor, Black, the, villa, Enchanted, quit, Nathaniel, Canada, Bird, boulevard, The, Extremely, book, Syrian, gondolas, Mike, Tommy, Café, Canyon, dictionary, Darkwing, critter, The, thirst, short, biggest, the, bring, and, Red, Governor, Rescuers, Girl, Ukraine, Cogsworth, President, laziest, of, Grandmother, Mr., eeriest, diamonds, plague, Mal, Sunday, Day, Deacon, inn, Sis, sofa, electron-volt, scenery, Emperor’s, creeping, quitting, blandest, Tramp, Siqiniq, Beast, capable, Harriss, hens, girls, Toulouse, Frog, Cubby, Christmas, Troop, fighting, nosiest, tires, Archimedes, States, moons, Arizona, Daisy, failing, Yao, choking, Bambi, Company, brightest, throw, to, Saludos, dashed, world, burned, remove, Wheezy, rails, Tigger, Hound, Women’s, Framed, tramp, Rescue, king, Brigham, delightful, Smart, Mouse, Litter, Dalmatians, Wise, the, The, Movie, amusing, The, Bears, Mouse, igloo, Hound, Kiev, Sherman, A, noses, Sheepdog, Gothel, arms, looked, brilliant, the, diagnose, banjo, the, Darkwing, United, Scar, waved, Jungle, Scandinavian, cakes, galloping, creaking, Flit, harmonious, contain, Dalmatians, scary, studio, Islamic, Home, jerkiest, The, motorways, Doc, Northern, Diablo, teaching, Winnie, Alice, and, TRON, descend, Rabbit, Treasure, on, crews, tonne, Gambia, LEGO, arrest, Hercules, walnut, Beast, experience, titan, Dinosaur, Pinocchio, pillaging, Dr., Movie, crystals, and, Robinsons, facility, runaway, rowdiest, whisper, Tom, war, tend, duck, independence, Day, a, Chippewa, souls, villains, archeological, crocodiles, Tokyo, Fairies, shaving, the, hard, Porter, Oz, the, busiest, vase, continuing, hokiest, moat, sky, The, Chilean, horseshoes, Broomsticks, Notre, amuse, dreamed, Joel, Bagheera, jester, Clubhouse, Benny, Clements, ribbon, worthiest, Springs, deliver, Dame, adopt, screen, Winnie, Attina, Land, Brother, singing, Mirror, Azerbaijan, Charming, the, flakiest, thickest, Aristocats, Willerstein, prop, the, crawl, Cauldron, Marty, Billy, stood, explorer, on, Mcduck, in, surreal, Cinderella, Great, Blackbeard, King, into, balloon, sparrows, Bigtime, Mexico, canopies, toboggan, Samoan, chicken, kingdom, vanished, house, minor, New, Max, Grand, depot, and, the, Pan, Nimnul, cans, Hercules, roll, Goldie, yard, Cinderella, mediate, Winnie, Tony, Bushroot, narrative, Duck, scathing, American, man, Company, Rwanda, people, Professor, legends, Toad, vest, ranger, George, Lil, the, Range, tiniest, mechanism, the, Pete, loveliest, plumber, Wookie, York, Stonehenge, the, roughest, General, Trolley, Clank, Nikita, the, Bear, Home, toucans, automobile, paddlewheel, One, Little, Day, booklet, positively, DuckTales, Company, Detective, Edgar, pollutant, gaze, obvious, glittering, Kronk, worried, descended, auditioned, Arrow, utilidors, Cat, Wendy, cheat, Stitch, Pinocchio, wait, nose, and, Salmonpants, Lumpy, humanity, screamed, Alexandria, Under, Lion, tourists, Robin, kilopound, Luxembourg, Symphonies, Pocahontas, peeled, possessions, pirate, Fawkes, Bobby, Harvey, Tito, Mr., Giselle, brainiest, helpless, Rabbit, boringly, teacher, install, Hundred, Book, Ellie, encounter, fussiest, nests, nostalgically, broil, Ringmaster, primeval, Toronto, aardvarks, twitchiest, individual, Max, on, Book, suing, chickens, The, Hercules, deer, animalistic, The, Ottawa, Horsecollar, depressing, supervise, sighed, Darling, Alice, June, Crane, point, biscuit, tallest, Majordomo, amplest, Wonderland, Boats, sleep, Georges, sky, Tremain, Chief, Fox, a, Adventures, democracy, juggle, Brasília, Proudbottom, winds, and, cabooses, A, the, photos, Range, Pakistan, present, angels, Tangled, robot, Aristocats, surrender, caboose, spirit, Abu, students, Senator, disarm, Mermaid, stayed, Fairies, targets, millivolt, Scar, Maggie, pictures, Uncle, island, Sea, hollow, Mrs., Winter, Frog, Little, Captain, writers, Pocahontas, Benefit, and, fakest, leapt, vilest, dragonslayers, whip, legendary, dissolving, Ridge, quirkiest, rose, acorns, Saint, Symphonies, pilfer, Nevada, DuckTales, Canadian, drunkest, the, The, guides, Tramp, Capitan, haunt, bathed, scenic, activate, Prague, Frog, piano, buoy, Rafiki, King, hurtle, Alan, Andreas, Rainbow, Beauty, paused, Gantu, Company, precision, The, cold, Beauty, Arthur, talking, Disney, Bambi, firework, objectivity, obtain, melted, smartest, Alice, Tramp, Princess, tastiest, robins, Kandor, One, King, thinnest, live, Flaversham, tire, Vulture, Viceroy, Captain, utilitarianism, Rescue, the, Wiggins, heliport, blasters, photo, Cruise, King, pans, Bambi, dads, doing, New, Chip, Trouillefou, deadest, Irvine, from, cheapest, Tod, Cinderella, Presidents, bagpipe, and, Aurora, Percival, Horseman, swept, Planet, Rocket, scare, drumming, and, breathed, Luke, Chair, Al, Mechanicles, untitled, The, Junior, widespread, the, Amos, Glomgold, studied, Robinsons, Zini, mutate, moan, noblest, frontier, the, Toyland, motors, Lillian, The, Sultan, Snow, dizziest, elongated, the, Wonderland, Badun, gags, Uncle, Mom, nod, Aladdin, teachers, Hyderabad, Reginald, Cab, of, Digger, the, massively, House, fascinating, Hunchback, wailed, caroler, Mother, Sleeping, Detective, invincible, melody, liveliest, seagull, joule, bits, jealously, Bradley, Taurus, Cluck, Rabbit, coach, up, The, temptingly, giddiest, oldest, Emperor’s, carve, China, in, Adventure, can, method, Hood, stretch, Duchess, the, DeBurne, nimblest, the place in Tomorrowland where the real Kennedy assassination movie is stored, vessels, goblins, store, university, angry, wake, rogue, Aunt, The, Sword, Peg, contact, Stefan, Robinsons, the, Meet, fail, Dumbo, Chernabog, Pelekai, The, Palm, The, classiest, lair, whirligig, planes, Abis, volunteer, brightly, Cricket, lonesome, Life,, skipper, oddly, sketchbooks, werewolf, chattered, Kay, Herman, clamor, Switzerland, of, change, transplant, Beauty, Featherduster, the, Mulan, Brussels, Home, Aladdin, churn, indoctrination, the, Pollyanna, Sleeping, grab, Panamanian, ghoul, and, steadiest, incorporate, enlisting, helicopter, White, elusive, Shan, Hunchback, canyon, Abidjan, Meet, Duke, teeth, chugging, passengers, archaeologist, Year’s, wonder, pigs, Ramone, TV, Prince, Tarzan, Groove, Rangers, Angeles, the, Pearl, awoke, Snoops, dig, Dutch, Manila, Knight, transport, crayon, Baroness, Hercules, the, Black, Dewey, Toad, slimmest, Brazil, Muddlefoot, orange, The, The, acted, analyze, Mara, unique, men, Norway, Day, The, fools, Honey, submarine, care, the, lakes, Kitty, Captain, flutes, grisly, Rosh, Lady, beams, a, understanding, privateer, animals, elegant, plantation, the, crib, things, and, Babette, Colonel, the, vanishing, Wonderland, around, Lebanon, snapped, Rasulo, streamlined, gushiest, skilled, train, entrance, Luther, big, barn, kids, bats, Darling, Princess, temperature, Officer, Chennai, foxiest, waterfall, whisk, the, Jr., lake, Ichabod, Ahmedabad, Mother, Utah, tempting, guns, Hood, Gander, of, Sklar, Rescuers, Dinky, west, shyly, foulest, Mcquack, greenest, Lost, flight, Company, Fox, a, the, grizzly, Dr., station, Miss, Hercules, synchronized, juice, adventure, Sweeps, magnets, dowdiest, and, Fourth, Nurse, Robin, ingenious, Italy, Butler, stack, assist, Drizella, heat, Hunter, Little, rookies, macaw, Figment, amigo, Chongqing, final, Lady, Princess, spirituality, pineapple, Bear, World, Catty, debuted, across, the, America, peach, visitor, Toad, weirdest, dream, the, The, The, Harbor, washed, House, use, Rangers, Hercules, Deedle, rocket, barge, Israeli, Sarajevo, drink, attacking, Yemen, nuts, Book, Mouse, Rose, Martian, Alice, Pan, loading, full, the, an, Rabbit, blurriest, inanimate, David, Frog, Hippo, The, Seven, salvaged, Asia, Rapture, art, shadowy, Woolensworth, the, Private, Cauldron, Faloo, quack, Cash, wagons, chests, climbing, Black, classical, Ankara, Rock, firefighter, the, glowed, Verne, One, Roger, Groove, Roger, Nepal, Beast, Notre, fasten, authenticity, cutest, Man, discovery, captives, Beauty, thrilling, Nairobi, trains, debuting, Tarsus, Mrs., Notre, on, papers, scattered, the, Queen, Thalia, speediest, the, abominably, elves, San, winning, Fox, elf, finally, score, Tuke, happiest, Seas, Vil, departing, bikes, Tremaine, White, school, Meet, play, Slinky, freaky, France, politest, miniatures, fossilizing, wimps-out, United, Costa, traditionally, stand, spin, Cluck, misadventure, collapse, Hound, Mark, lispingly, fathom, Seven, Three, Q., familiar, ignore, The, The, Banzai, Black, Frog, limitlessly, Mrs., Belle’s, Bear, outpost, Mine, Chip, Day, Purim, Bomb, Aristocats, erupting, eternal, shallowest, Home, explorers, Pirate’s, Silly, desert, Plume, Australian, Sheriff, education, Skippy, realistically, Samoa, areas, loudest, Aracuan, the, Mouse, Motor, picturesque, barbershop, observe, Elephant, fluid, Emir, Guinea, Brother, showcase, Kuzco, transportation, Professor, Frog, knit, Duchess, grabbing, Columbus, town, goofy, Archdeacon, kick, Notre, Lost, Dwarfs, narrow, volt, the, satellite, Pig, pretend, Cinderella, melodies, The, Man, and, Muddlefoot, Jungle, holler, robin, pluckiest, wicked, Birthday, D’Arque, quality, honey, gem, warrior, balmy, Hands, Saint, The, Doug, ghouls, kitten, international, Hashanah, a, and, wraith, Day, The, Bambi, von, inhabitants, remained, orbiters, Hercules, perils, Beast, the, power, pylons, Bruno, tourist, Mermaid, Vulture, keep, Rajah, Fat, the, a, kill, diaries, firefly, treasure, sleigh, decaying, Constable, antagonists, Hook, forest, Waldo, Hasagawa, think, wet, trickily, Bangladeshi, Nutsy, scientists, finger, Louie, square, Day, boiling, Pan, skulls, Santorini, fact, Baboon, and, mammoth, New, Duck, glimpse, Cyril, Helsinki, Fairies, The, Kidagakash, Dwarfs, melt, avoid, Dame, Aristocats, minute, deity, padawan, Dumbo, Drake, Trigger, Winkie, robotic, Thieves, Symphonies, and, Home, forget, Arabia, Crocodile, rejoice, skinniest, Yale, Morgana, surf, person, talked, Amsterdam, Day, Pain, planet, crazy, Alice, the, Little, and, buccaneers, Rooney, Jacques, Mike, Little, All, wanton, Lady, Dale, Max, Itauntaun, protect, youth, secretly, Agent, Loosey, Winnie, eerily, Greyhawk, welcome, battery, in, Odie, dress, beautiful, Somalia, Kremlin, Mungo, turtles, decimeter, fattest, power, Belarus, adorn, wriggle, vengeful, Honey, Come, Emperor’s, willows, Inquisitor, mutated, pancake, Beauty, smokiest, beam, Magical, of, The, chubbiest, Princess, of, centimeter, dictionaries, The, cursed, Idaho, crisp, inflated, stalagmite, logs, leopard, a, Pinocchio, Peg, gender, Sea, boulder, Cinderella, temple, Kingdom, riverboats, John, Cameroon, Missouri, snails, kid, Bambi, the, a, Casey, Frog, bitterest, Derek, mutating, locomotive, whole, Pocahontas, Minsk, Great, wild, Book, boats, whispered, Malta, brawniest, caps, Eilonwy, giraffes, Aristocats, Darling, guiding, Mexico, weakest, wave, Hundred, Annette, sons, Day, guide, hold, Stone, Lady, greatest, dramatic, bulbs, thaw, Stitch, Jennifer, Asia, Bird, Hunchback, Nedakh, patch, Atka, Bahrain, inverted, board, of, Family, Aladdin, Winston, B.E.N., principle, Guinea, accurately, Year, Junior, evil, Ma, united, plunged, act, Adventure, Dhaka, Steve, Fox, growth, Headless, Tibbs, albino, reward, connect, Equatorial, in, slimiest, sit, portraits, of, Bambi, Home, skeletal, silhouettes, Clayton, grabbiest, roundly, Great, The, Singapore, crooning, Chip, toxic, Taj, feed, Nebraska, Bunny, Asgardian, ladybugs, celebrate, like, reluctant, Lady, Illinois, Beauty, Sir, Mouse, Who, nets, lake, Empire, Company, Lilo, Emperor’s, regional, Tantor, bowing, effect, pterodactyls, Main, acrobat, King, equipment, bullwhip, Friar, pit, the, sneakiest, Commander, Bolt, spines, snow, cheering, drabbest, ghost, whips, wolves, manliest, jets, The, flock, Darkwing, screaming, cup, tangled, Bear, thing, Honey, the, management, openness, secret agreement between Disney and the federal government, Bad, troll, nature, Cow, dismal, Goofy, world, fossilize, Amelia, enlisted, the, Company, indoor, Fa, Charlotte, geese, Amigos, World, realized, Papua, dog, landed, English, visit, New, diary, Duck, Disney’s, whiskered, Jessie, diversity, parrot, Barbie, awareness, Atlantis, childhood, Bear, Jobs, Mulan, Framed, and, County, Germany, Fawn, underground, box, Hall, Blot, above, capture, celebrating, foggiest, Lost, Tramp, Jafar, Choctaw, Kata, and, weigh, Out, John, tawniest, The, and, unimaginable, Burgess, Goofy, harbor, stomp, and, Annette, overpopulate, Jim, Narissa, jesters, Framed, absently, glove, inspiration, the, scandalous, Detective, flags, McGuire, lighthearted, One, Solstice, gates, simulate, Dumbo, Olivia, Chanukkah, whales, proclaim, nest, Stork, bedknobs, the, Aladdin, Elephant, Mr., dinosaurs, daring, rogues, monkey, swinging, animal, characters, activists, mansion, park, the, Beast, Forte, Empire, Dreams, for, The, Hound, Oceania, The, bushiest, painting, The, Planet, Natty, Stone, zipping, Prince, Chile, Miss, Bruton, Carousel, tower, DuckTales, shapes, shave, tradition, Hundred, joystick, Chisinau, pass, a, and, roamed, Fowler, Empire, Parker, Jiminy, appearance, Naveen, Maynard, Card, Havana, Pepikrankenitz, Princess, Darling, Bajoran, abnormally, describe, cougars, abominable, La, Mule, faded, Hercules, lever, bobsleds, roaming, Hound, Dalmatians, Angeles, the, educational, Muddlefoot, Hunchback, trolley, Empire, Court, officials, chunkiest, Pinocchio, laser, Little, Anastasia, Beast, Herbie, coolest, The, barefoot, the, railroads, badge, Fairy, Robin, underwater, violently, Disney, the, a, bleariest, Jock, and, South, the, Down, Never, is, Aluminum, willingly, inherit, Aristocats, Bolt, communicate, Holidays, Broomsticks, of, Kluck, Mexico, humorous, Hunchback, sparrow, college, library, King, celebration, nutty, Pigs, crafty, Dinosaur, Miley, The, Secretary, NegaDuck, TV, Cassim, Notre, brushes, Tweedledum, crew, nightmares, wreck, deep, Private, invisibly, Crane, certainly, quacked, hopeful, Robinsons, Chicken, Grandmother, of, Pig, fangs, Doofus, Pan, White, retired, nightmare, peaches, Radiator, Elven, elevating, arcade, Pete, monorails, entertain, cleaning, Fritz, Planet, Bratislava, PeopleMover, Peep, the, Einstein, gondola, handsomely, ears, holes, Maharajah, curse, institute, The, pancakes, Mouse, pianist, stalactite, gears, chug, baldest, navigators, Mr., demolished, surrendered, new, Groove, and, a, car, throughout, storytelling, The, Ho, Snow, divers, badger, classic, something, splashed, Pinocchio, Wonderland, Beauty, Packard, beloved, Timon, Swaziland, maturity, nuttiest, Huck, macabre, traveler, Under, the, grittiest, The, realm, avenging, snapshot, Crazy, Scrooge, Series, Pelekai, Enchanted, Day, Darkwing, An, Croatia, John, improvise, tesla, 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Black Sunday Eve at Disneyland

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

In recent weeks there has been a lot of furor and/or folderol about businesses that are staying open on Thanksgiving. Although this is entirely about customer demand and has nothing whatsoever to do with corporate greed or the desire to make a profit on a day traditionally dedicated to family, thankfulness, and gluttony, many companies are finding themselves on the defensive.

With the announcement that Disneyland will be open this Thursday, Disney has also drawn the ire of complaining anti-shoppers. Fortunately, as a company deeply committed to the happiness of its guests, Disney has found a solution, which was detailed in a press release we found hand written beneath our door mat as follows:

In this time of togetherness and thanks, Disneyland recognizes that family comes first. We make the happiness of our guests a priority and in no way wish to inconvenience those who have planned Disneyland Resort vacations to celebrate Thanksgiving. On the other hand, we respect the wishes of our cast members and acknowledge that many of them have families that they consider as — or, in some cases, even more — important than their Disneyland role.

To that end, the Disneyland resort has decided to remain open for normal operating hours on Thanksgiving for the convenience of our guests, but for this one day the entire park will be staffed by Canadians who had their Thanksgiving celebration some weeks ago. We hope that even if guests find these temporary, imported cast members a little less experienced than our usual cast members, they will also find them delightfully polite, knowledgeable about ice hockey, and perhaps smelling slightly of maple syrup.

Sincerely, Disneyland

Liefacts: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Monday, November 25th, 2013
  • Disney chose the spelling “dwarfs” over “dwarves” out of fear that some Americans might pronounce the “v” as the Roman numeral five.
  • Originally, Walt Disney wanted all of the dwarfs other than Doc to be named Billy.
  • The Wicked Queen was named after the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • The prince was going to have a larger part in the story until test audiences reported that he was consistently being upstaged by other moving objects.
  • Snow White was originally given her name as a product tie-in for Ivory Snow — the same detergent that to this day Disneyland uses during the holidays to make fake snow on Main Street.
  • The soap-product tie in is also why the film has such a long segment devoted to washing up.
  • After the film’s release, American apple sales plummeted by 78%, but national disdain for stepparents skyrocketed.
  • The actor who performed the voice of Dopey wasn’t Mel Blanc (among others).
  • Andy Devine auditioned for the part of the Huntsman, but didn’t get it because of his voice.
  • After being revived by the Prince’s kiss, Snow White is technically a zombie.

Paying our respects

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Nothing will be posted to this website tomorrow out of respect for the memory of November 23, 1963, a day that casts a sad shadow over our hearts and memories because Disneyland was unexpectedly closed. On this anniversary, our thoughts are with those who inadvertently chose a tragic time to be on vacation.

Liefacts: Mulan

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
  • The ancient Chinese story that served as the basis for Mulan was also the inspiration for the Marilyn Monroe feature Some Like It Hot.
  • Because she is not royalty, Mulan is not an official Disney princess. She is, however, an honorary princess, much like Jessica Rabbit and The Mad Hatter.
  • A cricket was featured in the film because in China it is considered good luck to not eat one.
  • Mulan was not the first Disney feature about cross dressing. That honor belongs to 1959’s The Shaggy Dog.
  • After the film’s release there was some disappointment in the more “politically correct” areas of Hollywood that the actors cast for various parts in the film did not more close match their character’s ethnic origins. For example, Mushu — a dragon — was voiced by Eddie Murphy — a comedian. Disney did not move forward with the precedent set in Pocahontas in which the character of Meeko was voiced by an actual raccoon.
  • Mulan was originally given a “15” rating in Great Britain because of “a depiction of excessive numbers of nude adults in a children’s film.”
  • For the year after Mulan was released, Tinker Bell in the nightly Disneyland fireworks display was replaced by a mannequin of Shan Yu, which was gloriously detonated during the fireworks finale.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” Reborn!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

It’s not a Disney production, but we have to say we are thrilled to hear that a sequel to Frank Capra’s classic 1946 film It’s a Wonderful Life is in the works. In what may have been a real e-mail, Jim Parsons (the actor chosen to play George Bailey since the late James Stewart is not currently available) writes:

This is a very exciting project. The biggest concern I had was that a sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life would be some kind of smarmy retread of the original, but after reading the script I can assure you that this is not the case at all. While Capra’s classic dealt with what things would be like if George Bailey had never lived, the sequel is largely concerned with what the world would be like if everyone but George was dead.

After that point, it’s a lot like World War Z, but with a lot more snow, given that it takes place during the holidays. I hate to give anything away, but my favorite scene is when George, set upon by a flood of undead townspeople and convinced that he is in the last moments of his life, runs through Bedford Falls yelling, “Goodbye, movie house! Goodbye, Emporium! See you in Hell, you useless old Building and Loan!”

It’s a Wonderful Death is set for Christmas 2014 release.

Committed to Disneyside!

Friday, November 15th, 2013

As part of its marketing plan for the coming year, Disney has been promoting the #disneyside hashtag and encouraging guests and fans to tweet about how they would like to “end their troubles” Disney style.

A few that we’ve seen and particularly noted:

  • Endless “it’s a small world rides” #disneyside
  • Juse one more churro #disneyside
  • Supercharged teacup spin #disneyside
  • Laughing at my cares until I have no more #disneyside
  • Make like a villain and fall from something #disneyside
  • One too many ticket price increases #disneyside
  • Ride Winnie the Pooh once #disneyside
  • Of course, there’s always my way #disneyside

Tie-in products include “Chose Disneyside” t-shirts, the upcoming tweet-collecting book For princesses who have considered Disneyside when Prince Charming is enuf, and a “how to” manual, Final Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Where they’re going

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

So what are Billy Hill and the Hillbillies going to do after they leave Disneyland next year? According to experts such as the internet, there are many strong possibilities:

  1. A reality TV series that shows the country perspective on cooking and tattooing things hoarder brides leave in storage lockers (or something).
  2. They make a fortune selling their autographs for $20 a pop at Disneyana conventions, endorsing tractors, and licensing their distinctive likenesses.
  3. They make another fortune with online ads promising to teach people to fiddle in a week using “one weird old trick” (namely, novelty teeth).
  4. Four new employees show up at Knotts Berry Farm to “jazz up the stunt show.”
  5. They go into semi-retirement before reuniting for the opening of Disneyland Appalachia.
  6. This summer on pay per view, their knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred cage match with the original Dapper Dans.

Why they’re leaving

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Approximately many, many thousands of people have written to us asking why Billy Hill and the Hillbillies are retiring. After copious research in an attic pile of old magazines, we learned that there are several key reasons for their departure, namely:

  • The rising cost of bow hair.
  • Could no longer suppress their love for a good polka.
  • Asked one too many times if their parents’ last names were Barty and Burke.
  • Didn’t want to inspire any more of those annoying internet memes.
  • Have had enough of the soulful looks from Farley the Fiddle Player.
  • The constant being hit upon by gorgeous, adoring young fans.
  • Have finally accepted that Wally Boag isn’t coming back.
  • Sick and tired of British tourists referring to them as “The Willies.”

How to celebrate Billy Hills’ final performances

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Music fans, frequent Disneyland visitors, and the good half of Congress were all traumatized this week when it was announced that, after 20 years of forcing joy upon all those within earshot, Disneyland’s Billy Hill and the Hillbillies would be retiring after the 2013 holiday season. In honor of this sad milestone, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies fans (or “Hillbilliebers,” as they are known) have some suggestions to make these final performances truly special.

  1. Bring along a bag of novelty hillbilly teeth and make sure that everyone in the audience has a pair.
  2. If someone tries to leave during a performance, have your whole group turn and give them a death glare until they come to their senses and sit back down.
  3. If there’s a lull before the performance, start a bandana wave.
  4. Before the show starts, get everyone to sing the official Billy Hill and the Hillbillies theme song (“So clap your hands, and stomp your feet and try to keep right with em. One sure thing the Billy’s got is good old country rhythm,” etc.)
  5. At the end of a performance, light your lighter, set an ear of corn on fire, and hold it above your head.
  6. Slug anyone who yells “Freebird!”
  7. Promise to name your children after them.