Photoland: “it’s a small snapshot”

Our last picture in this series is of an attraction that needs no introduction. In fact, it’s so iconic, that we don’t even need to tell you it’s name (“it’s a small world”):

Photoland: it's a small snapshot

At the time we took this picture, the attraction was closed (which is why there are grumpy and/or crying children stomping through the foreground), but the older picture shows it in happier days, filled with laughing children and with a train passing through. Sharp-eyed readers may even be able to catch a glimpse of one of the old topiary hedgehogs in the flowerbed (which are no longer produced, since they are too difficult to cultivate and were often “borrowed” by mischievous guests).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this photo tour through Disneyland history. Thanks for visiting the past with us!

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