Photoland: Tikimania!

Aside from Main Street, the castle, the train, Pirates, the Haunted Mansion, and the Main Street Vehicles, there is no attraction at Disneyland more associated with Walt Disney than the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Photoland: Tikimania! entrance

The entrance to the Tiki Room has changed little over the years and, like today, was often completely empty.

Within the building we find birds…

Photoland: Tikimania! bird

…singing plants…

Photoland: Tikimania! flowers

…and, of course, tikis!

Photoland: Tikimania! tikis

(One thing we don’t find is a anyone willing to let us use a flash or set up flood lights to take pictures, no matter how cool or important to Disney history those pictures are, so these are a little dark. Sorry about that.)

If you compare the old animatronic creatures to the new ones, you can see one important difference: the old Tiki Room figures were entirely pneumatic! They were all converted to electricity some years ago after the park ran out of the original air purchased to run the pneumatic machinery and found that it was prohibitively expensive to replace.

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