Photoland: Mail Cannon

Part of what makes Disneyland so wonderful are the little details. One of those details on Main Street are the cannons.

Photoland: Cannon

It’s subtle, but in this original picture you can see that the cannon is still rebelliously aimed at City Hall (instead of at the Tour Garden, as it is today). In the background, you can just catch a glimpse of the Emporium windows, which held dioramas from whatever Disney feature film was most recently in theaters.

Across the street from the cannon is one of Main Street’s mailboxes.

Photoland: Mail

At the time this photo was taken, Disneyland still had its own post office. Today, the text on the mailbox says that mail is taken from Disneyland to the Anaheim post office.

A bit of trivia: these mailboxes used to be quite popular, but because of the rise of e-mail and the decline in the sending of postcards, these boxes are used so infrequently that the park now only checks and empties them annually (usually just before Christmas, in case there are any letters to Santa in there).

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