Photoland: Twin Peaks

Today’s Photoland photos include two pictures of the Matterhorn, allowing you to see how it has changed over the years.

The first…

Photoland: Twin Peaks 1

…is from a time when the Skyway still passed through the mountain, providing riders with a neat way to look down upon hapless guests being stalked and pounced upon by the newly installed animatronic yeti.

This photo includes a glimpse of the old Fantasyland, with its fanciful palm trees, simple buildings, and carrousel whose horses were little more than painted plywood flats.

The second photo…

Photoland: Twin Peaks 2

…is of a more modern Matterhorn. This one if from after the Skyway had been removed but before the OSHA-mandatead railing was installed for the safety of mountainclimbers.

Next up: City Hall


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