Photoland: Boag to the Future

We at DisneyLies are great fans of the Filmography series of photographs in which the artist photographs IRL scenes while holding up a snapshot of a movie scene that was filmed in the same location. Inspired by this (and by the many photos we’ve seen online of people holding historic photos in their present location), we decided to create a similar set of photos in the second most photographed place on Earth, Disneyland.

Our first attempt was made in the historic Golden Horseshoe Saloon. Here’s how it turned out.

Photoland: Golden Horseshoe

This was not as successful as we had hoped. Although we were able to line up the stage lights and statuary, the curtains are complete wrong. Were we standing in the wrong place? Had the Golden Horseshoe been renovated at some point in the last few decades? Were we just bad at this? Science has no means of addressing these questions.
This first attempt did teach us three things, though:

  • Making these pictures is hard.
  • People look at you funny when you’re in public taking a picture of a picture.
  • Chaps make Wally Boag’s legs look fat.

After this first attempt, we took nearly 700 additional photos in the park, resulting in about 30 that actually worked. In the coming weeks, we will post these photos along with our commentary on how the park has changed over the years. Tell your friends!


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