Fact Check #1

We’re deep in the final fact-checking process of putting together our new book, 396 Pure, Unadulterated, Dyed-In-The-Wool, 100% Made-Up, Completely Fake Disneyland “Facts” and could use some assistance.

For many years, Wally Boag was the chief funny man of the Golden Horseshoe Review. As part of the show, he used to tell a very long, very funny joke, the punch line of which was, “The Aristocats!” Can anyone remember how it goes? We can’t recall and we want to mention it in our book. If memory serves, they did a documentary about this joke some years ago, but we can’t seem to find it.


One Response to “Fact Check #1”

  1. Noremac Bluth says:

    I know the joke youre referring to, and I believe it was along these lines:
    “In my days as a professional wrestler (I was known as El Boagadore) I had one wrestling match that really stood out. There was another wrestler, you see. He was an ex-cop who got discharged from the force after arresting a jelly donut for being too delicious. He was known as El Arresto. His fans would yell out his name and who he was ‘arresting’ whenever he won. I still shiver at the thought of hearing thousands of fans screaming Arresto BOAGADORE!! I don’t think they knew Spanish very well. After that humiliating defeat, I swore I would defeat him again. But I couldn’t in my current costume. I couldn’t get hired anywhere! So I became someone new. Someone with incredible reflexes and balance. Someone who’s eyes glowed with fury and had a passion for tuna. I became The Cat! I was determined to stop El Arresto’s reign of humiliation, when I realized defeating him wouldnt work. So I let him beat me. The fans didn’t see it coming when they screamed, in perfect unison,”
    He let the audience it out here.
    “And El Arresto ended his career that night out of pure shame.