Make your own Waltdizna! shirt

Ever since we posted this photo…

We’ve been inundated with requests for information on where massive Disneyland + Big Bang Theory fans can purchase their own awesome Waltdizna! T-shirt. Well, we don’t currently sell the shirts, but we’ve decided to make the artwork available to any of you who want to make their own shirt.

To make your shirt, download the art using the “Waltdizna! Art” link below and send it to the T-shirt shop of your choice. Then send us a photo of yourself wearing your new shirt and we’ll post it online so that you can be the envy of all!

Now we’re going to go back to work on the new, heavily illustrated book — 396 Pure, Unadulterated, Dyed-In-The-Wool, 100% Made-Up, Completely Fake Disneyland “Facts” — which will be available for purchase at the beginning of December.


Waltdizna! Art

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