Partners costumes

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, every year Disneyland dresses the park’s “Partners” statue in a costume for Halloweentime. The tradition began in 1994, the year after the statue was installed, with Walt dressed as Mickey and Mickey dressed as Pluto. It was such a hit with guests that a new costume has been custom created every year since then.

How many of the costumes from years past can you remember? If some are slipping your mind, here’s a complete list:

1994: Mickey and Pluto
1995: Indiana Jones and a snake
1996: Chip and Dale
1997: Dr. Frankenstein and the Monster
1998: Abraham Lincoln and Mini-Lincoln
1999: Father time and Baby New Year
2000: Two dalmatians (surrounded by 100 tiny dalmatian-puppy statues)
2001: An astronaut and a black, rectangular monolith
2002: Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible
2003: Pirates
2004: Mr. Incredible and Buddy Pine
2005: Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney
2006: Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
2007: Howard Hughes and the Rocketeer
2008: Jack Skellington and Zero
2009: Carl Fredricksen  and Russell
2010: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and a broom
2011: Captain America and the Hulk
2012: The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy

A few additional trivia tidbits:

  • It is rumored that past suggestions for costumes of Mr. Roarke and Tattoo, Batman and Robin, Ghostbusters, and The Blues Brothers were put aside because Disney could not obtain the rights to those characters.
  • The 2008 suggestion of dressing the statue as Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus was nixed because it was decided that Walt’s statue should never appear in drag.
  • This year’s John Carter and Tars Tarkas costumes were scrapped at the last minute when it was decided that guests would most likely have no idea who they were supposed to be.

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